GrandMixer Gms Drops Hot Instrumental Tracks

GrandMixer GMS - The Sound of L.A. Recording studio in Los Angeles

GrandMixer Gms is all geared up to captivate audiences with his freshest instrumental tracks, infusing a fusion of boundless creativity and innovation into the music scene.

These tracks mark a pivotal milestone in GrandMixer Gms’ journey, showcasing his knack for crafting mesmerizing beats that transcend genres, appealing to diverse listener tastes.

[“I Need A Bang’er”]originated from a conversation with Freestyle artist Stefanie Bennett, sparking the inception of an instrumental that effortlessly keeps audiences engaged. GrandMixer Gms conceived the initial draft post-discussion, which received widespread acclaim after its electrifying debut at an event, leading to its official release.

[“Everybody Wanna Ride (When They C U Rollin’) [Freestyle]”]  marks GrandMixer Gms’ foray into beat production. Renowned Bay Area artist Rich Tycoon embraced the challenge, lending his smooth vocals to this compelling track. With a notable presence on E-Dawg’s hit “Drop Top,” released by Rick Rubin’s label, Def American, Rich Tycoon’s collaboration adds depth, making it an instant favorite among fans.

[“Nasty-Nes Calling From Seattle”]  pays tribute to DJ Nasty-Nes, a revered radio personality and West Coast legend. GrandMixer Gms skillfully incorporated scratching and Nes’ iconic voice, creating a track that encapsulates Nes’ contributions to the music industry. This track serves as an homage to Nes’ illustrious career, reminiscent of his appearance on Eazy E’s “Radio.”

GrandMixer Gms’ intention in creating these tracks was to seamlessly transition between songs during DJ performances. The positive reception from live shows and radio mix shows has inspired GrandMixer Gms to further explore such productions. An upcoming album featuring extended versions and additional DJ tools is in development, promising a collection that DJs and music enthusiasts will find indispensable.

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