VOL.8- ISSUE #1 – INGRAM STREET – Woody & Minquel – Brotherly Love And A Perfect Blend Of R&B!

Greeting Readers!

We’re thrilled to announce that Ingram Street is this month’s cover star on Pump it up magazine !

You need to know about Howard and Daniel, a popular R&B duo, if you want to be hip to the latest music!

Pump it up magazine will cover different great topics to prepare you for an amazing new year!

Find out how to look like a celebrity in our fashion section. There will be no more excuses for not getting fit in 2023! You’ll want to check out our fitness feature!

You’ll find all about natural ways to fight wrinkles on the beauty pages.

If you’re thinking about traveling in a motor home, our article will tell you the pros and cons of it.

Our learn French feature will help you get ready if you’re planning a trip to Paris.

We’ve got a great selection of music for your road trip vacation!

Our movie section also features some of the best Oscar-worthy films of the year.

We will also share some strategies for getting your music heard by more people in our top tips section!

Finally, in our humanitarian awareness section, you will learn how to help stop human trafficking.

Happy New Year!


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