Review | I Love You by Kea Michaels

When it comes to Jazz music I become immersed in a culture that is deep rooted in history.  The genre is able to draw inspiration from different styles of music through improvisation becoming  a familiar common ground for contemporary jazz listeners.

“I Love You” is a song by singer Kea Michaels who among many artists go for the original vocal excursion of reaching a range that is more fluid and natural. Kea Michaels with her single comes close to being a very humbling experience in the modern music scene falling shy of holding much appeal for her fans.

The musician is very composed making her good at being more present and in clear view of her audience. While most audiophiles would expect to be awed by diverse elements in the mix it comes down to whether the singer is apt in incorporating traditional styles of composition.

Through her own means Kea Michaels fascinates us with an illusion of referencing something that is coherent with a slow and sentimental version of a romantic musical. The musician looks promising to reach high levels of creativity. This calls for her to dig deeper beneath the surface and employ an imaginative tinge.


One artist that comes to mind is Ella Fitzgerald who did commendable projects that enabled her to establish a platform for her to become a force to reckon with in jazz music. Ella Fitzgerald had unforgettable and yet simple melodies that balanced her own gifted vocals that were irresistable to the human ear.

Ella Fitzgerald made impeccable music that transcended generations able to cement her place in popular culture. Over the course of her work Ella Fitzgerald made it her sole responsibility of being profoundly classy. Coming out with amazing records such as “A-Tisket, A-Tasket” and “Cry Me A River“, you can clearly hear the way her voice breaks, doing so with precision.

I come to understand that Kea Michaels is a talented singer creating a material that is sensible in reflecting a performance that is fully alive and within a new sense of expression. If Kea Michaels wants to appear alongside great musicians who put out unrivaled discographies, it is instrumental for her to support her creativity with deep emotional writing that is vivid in contrast. I would like to hear new music from the artist that would offer a magnetic experience.

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