GrandMixer GMS – Uniting Jiu-Jitsu, Hip-Hop, and MMA with Unstoppable Passion! Vol.8 – Issue #8

In stores August 15th

🎤 Exciting News Alert: GrandMixer GMS Takes the Spotlight!

Hey there, Summer Pals!

I’ve got a cool story to share – I’m Anissa, the one working behind the scenes. So, guess what? I finally met the super talented GrandMixer GMS! He’s the brains behind the awesome KPIU Radio Pump It Up Magazine Radio Station show that hits your ears every day from 5 PM to 6 PM. How cool is that?

But wait, it gets cooler – this music maestro flew from Spokane to LA for the legendary 50th Hip Hop Convention. And guess what I did? I took the chance to meet him for the first time ever!

✨✈️ We hung out in LA, chatting, laughing, and sharing stories. GrandMixer GMS is not just super talented; he’s also full of good vibes and a real pro. We had a blast!

🥋📰 Here comes the awesome part: during our chat, I told him about featuring him on our magazine cover. He’s all about music, his journey, and his incredible energy. So, guess what? He’s now the star of our August cover!

🎶💥 Get ready to dive into his story and feel his passion. This is gonna be one awesome ride.

Anissa Sutton – Your Friendly Editor-in-Chief

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It’s all about you, the sun, and good times! So, grab a cool drink, flip through the pages, and dive headfirst into our summer quiz and the whole smorgasbord of awesomeness.



magazine cover – In stores August 15th


Cover story: GrandMixer GMS 🌟 Uniting Jiu-Jitsu, Hip-Hop, and MMA with Unstoppable Passion!


  • TRAVEL: Training with Legends in Vacation Paradises
  • FITNESS FUSION: The Power of Jiu-Jitsu in Sculpting a Healthier You
  • NOURISHING FROM WITHIN: The Secrets of Staying Young
  • FASHION: Summer Styles that Turn Heads


  • Music Celebrities Who Overcame Challenges
  • Energize Your Body With Theses Jams – A Playlist to Match Your August Vibes
  •  FUN QUIZ:
    • Music: What’s Your Musical Mood?Fashion: Discover Your Fashion Style
    • Lifestyle: Are You Ready For Marriage
  • TOP TIPS: Why Hiring a Music Consultant is Important for Your Band, Brand or Business!
  • TOP MARTIAL ARTS MOVIES: Top Martial Arts Movies to Ignite Your Adrenaline


  • Making The World a Better Place One Punch At A Time!
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