Feed The Children – every $1 you give today makes $8 worth of food possible for kids

When we sat down with Cyndi, the community engagement manager at the Falcon Resource Center in Arizona, she told us how the resources they distribute regularly from Feed the Children impact the community.


“We’re about eighty nine percent poverty level…So these events are really important in the community because it helps stretch dollars so they [parents] can use their money for more important things like rent and utilities.”


Cyndi is one of hundreds of community partners who help us reach food insecure people across the country each day. But it’s more than food that is made possible by working together, it’s also vital essentials – toiletries, cleaning supplies and sometimes even books – that are distributed to help empower struggling families.

You can help a hungry child today.

Your gift ensures that URGENTLY needed food and essentials will reach the arms of hungry children as they face one of the hungriest summers in modern history.


Cyndi’s community has an alarming poverty rate, and it also has one of the highest rates for homeless students and foster students. That makes every resource urgent and necessary.


“Schools do a good job of doing it during the school day. But sometimes we forget they need dinner, they need food for the weekend and they need to feed their entire family,” says Cyndi.


Anissa, it’s so important to make sure children aren’t forgotten and that they receive food to help bridge the gap this summer. When you donate, you are making a powerful difference for a community where families may struggle with daily food insecurity. The economic crisis created by the pandemic is still affecting millions and they need our support.

Please, will you take a moment today and make a donation that brings a smile to a child’s face with the gift of food and vital essentials?


Every $1 provides $8 worth of food and essentials this summer.

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