Phone Charging Solar Panel Hat

In the world of gadgets it seems like everything and anything can now charge your phone, so it would seem that you should never have a dead phone anymore assuming you’ve prepared yourself with the appropriate technology that is available to you. Case-in-point this solar charging hat. The brim of the hat contains little solar panels, so that as you wear it, it will charge your phone or tablet.

Colors: Red | Black

Aptly named SOLSOL, the solar charging hat contains no battery as to not give you brain cancer from jamming a battery next to your skull for 10 hours of the day. So the way it works is you’ll need to plug your phone or tablet into the USB port located on the edge of the hat and the solar panels will give juice to your phone directly from the panels instead of storing it in a battery that you can take as needed.

SOLSOL Solar Charging Hat - Solar Panel Cap Charges Your Phone

The SOLSOL solar charging cap is compatible with Android devices, iPhones, iPads, iPods, as well as pretty much anything that can connect to a USB port, it contains no battery and does not emit any electromagnetic radiation, is made from 100% cotton along with the highest performance solar cells available (about 18% efficiency).


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