Em’s Enchanting New Video & Behind The Scenes Featurette For “Hear Your Love” Available July 7th!



With a breathtakingly beautiful cinematic storyline video to support her latest single “Hear Your Love,” solo-artist Em is reaching out straight across time itself in a sincere effort to touch hearts and minds all over the world this year, bringing people closer together through the magic of music and undying love.

Drawing on inspirations that trace back to the 19th century, “Hear Your Love” was shot at the legendary Carey Mansion to accentuate the classic grace of Em’s emotionally powerful theme, spellbinding vocals, and truly timeless sound.  Through mesmerizing visuals that echo the supernatural, spiritual, and purely unbreakable bond between two lovers across time, Em brilliantly makes music the central concept that continually brings them back together, into each other’s arms & into the place they’ve always belonged.

With the assistance of a profound team of dedicated professionals that put their heart & soul into every single scene while creating Em’s new video for “Hear Your Love” – the results are remarkable from sight to sound & become a perfect complement to the radiant beauty that flows throughout her latest single.  Featuring Em onscreen, accompanied by her boyfriend Giuseppe, the chemistry they share in the scenes of “Hear Your Love” is an authentic reflection of the sheer strength of their devotion & the inseparable connection they’ve created in real-life.  Excited to reveal her extraordinary new song from the speakers to the screens this year on July 7th with the official release of the video and exclusive behind the scenes featurette –

join Em as she brings her artistically-inspired and sensationally dreamy vibes to #1 this year.

Website: www.em4yoursoul.com

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