Dance through the Funky ’70s with Motown Maestro Michael B. Sutton’s ‘Old School Party.’ Funk Therapy

Grooving Back in Time: A Preview of Funk Therapy's "Old School Party" Single and Upcoming Album

In the dynamic world of music, Michael B. Sutton and his collective, Funk Therapy, are set to revive the spirit of the funky disco nights with their upcoming single, “Old School Party,” and the highly anticipated album, “Funk Therapy,”  set to be released August, 8th  2024

Discovered by Stevie Wonder who led me to work at Motown, I had the pleasure of working with some of the greatest, Berry Gordy, Hal Davis, Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, Dionne Warwick, The Originals, Chuck Brown, Cheryl Lynn, Ray Parker Jr., Thelma Houston & Jerry Butler, Anita Pointer, Switch, and more….

This song isn’t just a tune; it’s a throwback to the authentic ’70s sound we all adore. Think good times, genuine vibes, and the heart of music. It’s my way of inviting you to join the party, dance it out, and relive the joy we all miss!” Michael B. Sutton

“Old School Party”: A Nostalgic Journey


The single, “Old School Party,” serves as a deliberate nod to the authentic sounds of the ’70s – a time when funk and soul ruled the airwaves. Michael B. Sutton, recognized for his influential contributions to Motown, is bringing back the essence of that golden era. The track is more than just a musical composition; it’s a deliberate invitation to rediscover the joy, authenticity, and infectious rhythms that defined a generation.

“’Old School Party’ is my comeback anthem, thanks to therapy! Funk Therapy that is! We may all have had some form of Therapy in our lives for one thing or another, yet music is the key to unlock my true self.

With the support of my beautiful wife Anissa Sutton and many others, she knew that music would be the key to heal and is my purpose on this earth – Reviving Souls with that Healing Power of that

Funk Therapy feat. Michael B. Sutton – “Old School Party” – Availablee Feb. 23rd, 2024


Old School Music which we call Funk Therapy! I channeled new energy into recreating the 70’s and 80s Funk-Disco- Soul – RnB – Magic I used to make for legends back in my Motown days.

The Sonic Experience

From the moment you press play, “Old School Party” takes you on a rhythmic journey back in time. The infusion of funk, soul, and the unmistakable Motown groove creates a magnetic atmosphere. Sutton’s meticulous production and arrangement showcase not only his mastery as a musician but also his commitment to preserving the authenticity of a sound that has become timeless.

Funk Therapy Ensemble: A Powerhouse of Talent

The collaborative effort of Funk Therapy brings together a powerhouse of musical talent. Aneessa and Sherrie Payne (of The Supremes) on background vocals add a touch of soulful elegance, while Hiroshi Upshur on keyboards, Josh Sklair on guitar, James Manning on bass, James Gadson on drums, and Timbali Caldwell on percussion contribute to the vib

rant and dynamic soundscape of “Old School Party.”


The Visualizer: A Retro Feast

Accompanying the single is a visualizer that serves as a portal to the past. As the retro graphics and vibrant colors unfold, listeners are not just treated to a song but are immersed in a visual and auditory experience that captures the essence of soulful parties from decades ago.

Anticipation Builds for “Funk Therapy” Album

While “Old School Party” sets the stage for a musical renaissance, the full album, “Funk Therapy,” promises to be a comprehensive exploration of the genre. Scheduled for release on August 26, 2022, the album is poised to be a testament to the enduring appeal of old school funk and hip-hop.

The Essence of Funk Therapy

Funk Therapy, beyond being a musical project, is a movement aimed at bringing back the genuine vibes of a bygone era. In an age of evolving music trends, Sutton and his ensemble are committed to reviving a spirit that transcends time. The upcoming album is not merely an assortment of tracks; it’s a curated journey through the sonic landscapes of funk and soul.

Conclusion: A Musical Renaissance

As we eagerly await the release of “Old School Party” on February 23, 2024, and the subsequent album in August, Funk Therapy becomes a beacon for those seeking the genuine, the timeless, and the joyous. Michael B. Sutton’s dedication to preserving the legacy of Motown and funk is evident, and through these musical offerings, he invites us to groove back in time.

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