8 Ways To Look After Your Skin

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What makes a person attractive? In truth, there’s no one single answer to that question. Attractiveness comes from various sources, and they’re not all based on physicality. A person’s character and general energy can play a massive role in how they’re perceived by others. And then there’s the matter of clothes, which have very little to do with the person at all, beyond their taste. Even when people discuss attractiveness in physical terms, they often overlook some of the most influential factors—for instance, the skin. Healthy, glowing skin can make a world of difference to how others perceive you. 

With that in mind, we thought it’d be a good idea to put together some tips for looking after your skin. If you took on board all the advice that we’ve outlined below, then you’d be well on your way towards having skin that really glows. Let’s dive in.


Drink Water


There’s a lot of value in learning to love the taste of water. Why? Because it’s much better for you than, well, every other drink that’s out there. You could love the taste of coke, but if you’re thinking about your skin, then it’s much better to pick up a bottle of water. Even those people that do enjoy the taste of water often don’t drink enough of it. Up your intake, and you’ll notice that your skin looks a bit brighter than before, and also that you receive all the other benefits that water can bring. If you need to jazz your water up to make it more enjoyable to drink, then look at adding a slice of lemon or some cucumber. 

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Moisturize Your Skin


Your skin will lose a lot of moisture throughout the day, especially if you’re out and about and constantly facing the elements. The most effective way to replenish the lost moisture is to use a moisturizer day and night (and throughout the day, if conditions are particularly brutal). Don’t just use any old moisturizer, however. The cheapest products won’t do all that much for you. It’s best to find a product that has been designed to work with your particular type of skin. And if you don’t know what you’re looking for, then look at visiting a specialist store — they’ll be able to point you in the direction of exactly what you need.  It’s also a good practice to apply a ph balancing toner before moisturizing to restore the skin’s ph level after cleansing. 

Reduce/Give Up Toxins


No one’s perfect. We all have vices. But it’s worth thinking about how your vices are impacting your skin (and, in some cases, your broader life). Some of the most common vices can cause real damage to your skin. Take smoking, for example. That can cause premature aging, making the skin look gray and lifeless. One of the main things that people who give up smoking say is that their skin looks a lot better. The same goes for alcohol. If you can give up alcohol for, say, a month or so, then you’ll likely notice a big difference in the quality of your skin (along with many other benefits).


Sun Safety


A little bit of sun can be great for your skin. We all need that vitamin D, after all! However, the key part of that sentence is a little bit of sun. If you get too much, then you’ll run the risk of skin damage. Even a dose of sun that brings short-term goodness (a nice tan) can bring long-term problems. You’ll be tanned on the surface, sure, but underneath, your skin cells will be damaged. And eventually, it’ll show. So be sure to practice sun safety when you’re in hot climates. You can do this in a number of ways. The most obvious solution is to avoid the sunshine during the hottest parts of the day. If you are out in a sunny environment without shade, then load up on the sunscreen, or invest in a shemagh from Mato & Hash, which is the stylish option. If you do get sunburned, then visit a dermatologist — they have more products that can help prevent long-term damage to your skin. 


Sleeping Well


Your skin’s not going to look so great if you’ve barely slept. We don’t need to cite a study for that: you probably already know it from your past experience. Regular, healthy sleeping patterns are essential for healthy looking skin. So if you’re not resting as well as you could do, then look at making some changes. There are plenty of things you can do that’ll improve your sleep, including avoiding caffeine, meditating, and avoiding screens before hitting the hay. 


Work Up A Sweat


There is an obvious benefit to exercising. Most people do it because they want to improve their body shape, for instance. But there are plenty of secondary benefits to working up a sweat, too. For one thing, it’s great for the appearance of your skin, because it gets the blood pumping. Have you ever noticed how your face seems to shine after you’ve been for a long run? Also, while it’s not directly related to your skin, working up a sweat helps in other ways, too — it improves your mood. We all know how a person that has glowing skin and who also has a smile on their face will receive plenty of admiring looks! 

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Hit the Cold Shower


You can take the benefits of working up a sweat even further by doing something that really only a select few have the courage to do: take cold showers. Now, if you think that that sounds like the worst idea you’ve heard, then that’s understandable. But there are plenty of reasons why people select to voluntarily step into a shower of cold water. It’s not often mentioned, but hot water can have a damaging impact on your skin. Warm water is neutral. Cold water? That positively helps to enhance the skin. And we don’t just mean over a long-term period (as in, you see the effects after several months of taking cold showers). People usually notice the benefits after the very first shower. Plus, in addition to the skin benefits, you’ll also get to enjoy an improved mood and much more energy. Ideal!


Eating Well


You’ll have the expression, “you are what you eat.” And the reason why that expression is so often repeated is that, well, it’s true! What you eat will have a big influence on many aspects of your physicality, including your skin. It’s not hard to imagine that eating fast food every day is probably not going to do your skin any favors. So take a look at your diet, and interrogate the food that you’re eating. Is what you’re putting in your mouth good or bad for your skin? If it’s the latter, then look at making some changes. There are plenty of delicious foods that are good for your skin, after all. Some examples, you ask? Fatty fish, avocados, broccoli, and walnuts. In fact, you’d be able to create a pretty amazing meal just with those ingredients alone. 




You can’t control everything about your appearance. In fact, most of it is out of your hands — while we have a lot of products, they’re no match against genetics. However, while you can’t change DNA, there are plenty of things that you influence. And if you’re looking to enhance your appearance, then that’s exactly what you should do. So invest in your skin. It’s one of those things that, if it’s good, make people pay attention to you, but it’s such a subtle improvement that people don’t often realize why they’re paying attention. 


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