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Fraud (Hot Docs Review)

The story behind Dean Fleischer-Camp’s documentary Fraud is an interesting one. The director is said to have stumbled upon footage on YouTube—over 100 hours worth—of a American middle-class family of four living out their lives in front […]


Our Souls at Night (2017)

 So the story begins. Addie, a widow, has come to ask her widower neighbour if he’d consider coming over to her house sometimes to sleep with her. “What?” says Louis, naturally a bit taken aback. […]


Gayle Skidmore – The Golden West

Folk and indie singer-songwriter Gayle Skidmore recently released her 20th independent release, which also happens to be her first full length vinyl album. She described the album as “whimsical, melancholic music for the romantic intellectual.” […]



“What’s the point of trying to navigate life if you don’t even get to choose how it ends?” Nika Rosa Danilova asks in relation to her latest track ‘Soak’. Her upcoming album ‘Okovi’ is set […]


How-to cash in on music licensing

While today’s music industry climate maybe more favorable to an independent approach, artists need to be more diligent and look for alternative and innovative ways to succeed. With music piracy rampant on the internet, artists […]