Your Old Check-In Luggage Is Ready To Be Replaced


When was the last time you examined your larger suitcases? Check-in luggage is subjected to rough handling and tends to wear out more quickly than bags carried on the plane. If you notice extreme abrasions, cracks, or damaged handles, it’s time to replace your luggage. Failure to do so can result in the complete breakdown of your bags while in the cargo hold and the loss of your belongings.

Olive, Beige, Pink, Black, & More

Fortunately for you,  check in luggage brands today have added features that will improve your travel experience. Look for the following details that indicate quality:

  • Polycarbonate hard sides
  • Extendable trolley handles
  • TSA locks
  • Expandable zippers
  • 360-degree wheels

In addition, examine the interior layout. A butterfly opening is easier to pack and unpack. Zip pouches keep valuables, dirty linen, and other items separate from the main compartment. Compression straps secure your belongings and use space more efficiently.

Long gone are the days when luggage sets only came in black, grey, or brown. With such a wide assortment of colors, you can find the one that fits your aesthetic. Lest you think that colorful luggage is merely a superfluous vanity, imagine how quickly you can find a pink or beige bag on the carousel.

Medium & Large Bags To Fit Your Needs

Be sure to consider the suitcase size you need. It may be that you do not need to replace your bag with one of the same dimensions. If your luggage was older, there are likely more size options available to you now. Some of the more common sizes include:

  • 15″ by 22″
  • 17″ by 28″
  • 19″ by 31″

A new suitcase may have the same exterior dimensions as your old one, but due to modern construction and design have a larger interior. Compare measurements and specs carefully to get the right amount of space for your trips.

Do you travel with children? Check out the kids luggage, too. Children often inflict extra wear and tear on their suitcases. It may be time to invest in a new roller bag or backpack for the younger travelers.

Bundle Up!

Although it’s certainly not necessary, it’s always nice to have matching luggage sets when you travel. If just one of your suitcases needs to be replaced, think about purchasing a whole new set. It makes it easier to track and find all your luggage at the airport. Also, if one bag in a set becomes worn out, the others are not far behind.

Luggage brands often offer discounts on bundling sizes together. Get a roller bag carry-on to match your check-in large bag. Add a snappy tote on the top and you’re all set for your next trip.

Shopping for luggage can be exciting and fun. Start by evaluating what you currently have. Does it work well? Do you want something similar? What would you like to be different? Then look at local retailers and online to find the pieces that fit your needs. Compare features between brands to get the most bang for your buck.

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