Why Do Australians Love Gambling So Much?

It is fair to say that humankind has a love affair with gambling and casinos. The growth of gambling has continued around the world with the gambling industry being worth £14.3 billion in the UK alone. Worldwide, it is estimated to be worth a staggering $565.4 billion with annualised growth predicted to reach 5.9% in 2022. For many people, gambling presents an enjoyable and thrilling pastime that can help to unwind after a long week at work. For seasoned gamers, it can also be a reason to travel the world on holidays to visit some of the world’s super casinos that offer additional facilities such as luxury hotel rooms, fine dining, and spa facilities. Whilst many nationalities enjoy gambling, Australians tend to be some of the biggest proponents of the pastime, and most are firmly in favour of it. In this article, three key reasons why Australians love gambling will be explored.

It Is Closely Tied to Their Heritage


One key reason why gambling is so popular in Australia is to do with the birth of the country and its cultural heritage. Australia, as we know it today, was colonised by British settlers in 1788. The first settlers landed on Botany Bay which was found to have poor soil and little in the way of drinkable water. This led to exceptionally difficult living conditions in the early years of settlement. Put simply, life was tough, and risks needed to be taken to ensure the survivability of the settlers. Add in the notoriously scorching summer months in Australia and the abundance of potentially dangerous animals, and you get a situation where settlers needed to use all their skill and strength simply to survive. Many historians believe that these harsh early conditions and the risky nature of life itself are key reasons why Australians love the risk and reward mechanism of many gambling games.



Another reason for the popularity of gambling in Australia is its accessibility. Countries such as Poland, Cyprus, and Singapore, amongst others, strictly prohibit gambling in general. However, in Australia, many forms of gambling are perfectly legal. Australians particularly enjoy playing pokies in casinos and online, and this is one of their most popular forms of gaming. A typical Australian has the option of either visiting a nearby traditional brick-and-mortar casino or a range of online casinos ,such as mBitcasino, where they can play at all times of the day from the comfort of their own homes.

Fun Loving Nation


Whilst it is true that no two people are quite the same, nations tend to have defining characteristics that can broadly be applied to them. Australians are renowned as a fun-loving set of people who enjoy partying and exciting times. Many Australians are thrill seekers and like to undertake extreme sports, such as white-water rafting or even bungee jumping. This gregarious nature is one key reason why the excitement, risks, and thrills of casinos may be so appealing to Australians, and why gambling is such a popular pastime.

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