What Are The Best Ways To Save Money On Clothes? 

Money is always something that’s going to cause issues, and it seems as though no matter how much you have, you’ll always want (and sometimes really need) more. Sometimes, it’s possible to get a new job, get a promotion, ask for a raise, and so on, and that can net you some extra cash. Sometimes, however, that’s not possible for all kinds of reasons, so what are your options then? 

Well, the answer here depends quite a bit on what you want to spend that extra money on. If it’s clothes, for example, then the solution is really to understand how to save money when you’re buying clothes so you don’t need so much of it in the first place. Make sense? It will once you’ve read more about the best ways to save money on clothes, and here is that all-important info. 

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Don’t Buy Clothes

When you think about it, the best way to spend money on clothes is… not to buy clothes. That might sound like a silly thing to say because we all need clothes, but what if you already have everything you need in your closet? What if you just didn’t realize it? It might be that that’s exactly the case. 

Over the years, we collect all sorts of things, including various items of clothing. We’ll wear them once or twice and then throw them into the closet or chest of drawers and never think about them again. We’ll have a few favorite items that we wear a lot, but everything else gets forgotten. 

So, how about pulling everything out of your closet and seeing what’s actually there? It might be that you find plenty of items of clothing that you like and have hardly ever worn – it’s like going to the store and finding some lovely new things, only you don’t have to buy anything when you do it. Once you decide what you want to keep, invest in a clothes rail so you can have a bit more space to hang your clothes and you’ll never forget anything again. 

Sell Things

Another great way to (sort of) save money on clothes is to sell some of the things you’re not going to wear again. When you go through your closet and pull out all the items you’d forgotten about, there are sure to be some that you know don’t fit or don’t suit you. So what are you going to do with them? 

One option is to put them back where they came from, but that’s just going to mean they take up space. Another idea could be to throw them out, but that’s wasteful and bad for the planet. The third option is to sell those things and use the money you get from them to buy some new items that you’re definitely going to wear. You can use various apps and websites or even host a yard sale if you’ve got other things around the house to get rid of. And although you’re not technically saving money on the things you buy to replace the ones you sell, you’re also not spending any extra money, so you’ll come out even. 

Shop During Sales

Every store runs a sale at least once a year, and perhaps more than once. Sales happen because the store owner needs to get rid of old stock before a new range comes in, for example, or perhaps because they need to bring in some money quickly, even if it’s less than they’d get selling things at full price. To be honest, the reason for the sale isn’t really important; the fact that it’s happening is. 

If you can shop during sales, you’re going to save a decent amount of money. Discounts can range from around ten percent to 80 percent or more off the standard price, depending on how quickly the store needs things to be sold, so if you bide your time, you’ll walk away with some fabulous items that cost a fraction of what they would if you bought them before or after the sale. 

Although this does mean you can’t just buy clothes whenever you feel like it, that’s probably for the best as you’ll only buy clothes when you know you need them and when the price is right – it helps you to prioritize, and that’s another great way to save money. 

Buy Second Hand 

Second-hand clothes? Really? Yes, really! Second-hand clothes can be a fantastic way to get some new outfits for very little money, and what’s better is that they won’t be dirty and they won’t be falling apart – thrift stores and charities only sell things that are fit to be worn, so if you decide to try this idea, you don’t have to worry about the quality of what you’re buying. 

This approach can take a lot longer than buying brand-new items, as you’ll need to sift through all the options and decide on what’s going to work for you. However, it’s a great way to save money and find some truly unique bargains at the same time. 

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