Travel tips: 6 Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Vacation Accommodation

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The bags are packed, the tickets have been bought, and it’s time to explore! But where would you be staying? The accommodation you choose during your vacation significantly affects your overall travel experience. Your accommodation is where you would come to at the end of the day, so if it isn’t a place you feel relaxed and happy in, you’ll likely be stressed and upset throughout your vacation. So, what factors should you consider when choosing your vacation accommodation? Below are a few.

  • The options available 

Before you go on your trip, knowing the options available to you in your vacation destination is important. For instance, if you are visiting a small village or a countryside town, you may find more bed and breakfast options compared to a destination in the city, where you may have access to Airbnb or luxurious hotels. Taking the time to carefully weigh your options ensures you make the right decision in selecting a living arrangement you are comfortable with. Additionally, when weighing your options, you should consider other aspects of your travel, such as the duration of your vacation, the number of people you would be traveling with, the nature of your relationship, and your specific accommodation needs.

  • Price

Imagine spending half of your budget on accommodation; what would you use for the rest of your vacation? You may have to spend unplanned money on your vacation, making the experience awful. This is why considering the price of your preferred accommodation choice is important. First, you must draw up a “vacation budget.” Your vacation budget is a tool that helps you manage your money while on vacation. It helps you carefully plan the amount of money required and avoids unhealthy overspending. When preparing this budget, adequately plan for every aspect of your trip, including accommodation. With a budget, you can explore the various accommodation options to find the one within your financial reach. 

  • Location

Another important factor to consider when choosing your vacation accommodation is location. This is because location makes all the difference! Your vacation could be a blast or a total disaster depending on where you stay. When choosing the right location, you should consider proximity. For example, if you’re vacationing in Miami, you would want to select accommodation close to the ocean, with easy access to the tourist attractions and other activities you are interested in. In that case, you would want to select accommodations like the luxurious St Regis Sunny Isles residence. Choosing a location closer to the activities or locations you want to indulge in is vital as it helps you save money and avoid stress. Additionally, you should consider the security of an area before selecting accommodation– remember that your safety comes first, regardless of the price!  

  • Your travel companions

You cannot consider your accommodation preferences if you aren’t taking a solo vacation. With a solo trip, you may want to stay in a hotel with a single bed or a cute Bed and Breakfast, as space is not an issue. However, if you are traveling with others, you may need to make some choices. One aspect you should consider is the number of people and the relationship. For example, if your travel companions are your family, you can consider renting a vacation home to recreate a warm family environment. If you’re traveling with friends, an Airbnb would be ideal. On the other hand, if your travel buddies are a group of strangers you just met and barely know, you may want to stay in a hotel for extra safety and privacy. 

  • Amenities and services

When you think of your vacation, are you thinking of sipping cocktails by the pool on a sunny Saturday afternoon? Perhaps, you want a spa day filled with soothing massages and an enjoyable sauna treat. Then, you should ensure your accommodation can help you achieve that! When choosing your vacation accommodation, remember to learn more about the amenities and services available. This is especially the case to determine if it is worth its quoted price or to help determine why one option is better than the other. Be sure to focus on various aspects, such as gym, bed size, swimming pool, spa, room service, WiFi, restaurant times, and so on, to help guide your decision. 

  • Reviews and ratings

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Accommodation options use several marketing strategies to get you to patronize their services. This could be misleading and could negatively impact your vacation. Thanks to technology, you can gain more information about your preferred vacation accommodation with a click of a button. Guest reviews are a great tool in choosing your vacation accommodation as they give you more information about your preferred accommodation option. Therefore, before you select your accommodation, visit independent review and rating sites like Yelp to get more read reviews and ratings to ensure you make a choice you are happy with. 


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