Redefining Elegance: The Unique Appeal of Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry

Although diamonds were once considered rare and difficult to produce, lab grown diamonds are now widely available on the jewelry market. They offer an ethical alternative to traditional, mined diamonds, providing gems of similar quality and beauty for a fraction of the price. 

Today, these conflict-free, responsibly sourced stones are an excellent choice for any occasion that requires a piece of jewelry with a gemstone, from lab grown diamond bracelets for an evening out to lab grown diamond rings for your engagement. 

Lab Grown Diamonds Have Created a More Ethical Gem Industry

As technology progressed, the cost of producing lab grown diamonds dropped while their color, size and clarity now match or exceed most sought-after mined diamonds. Today, conscious consumers can purchase lab grown diamond rings that don’t compromise quality compared to a mined equivalent. 

Choosing a lab grown diamond is a more ethical and conscious choice for consumers because they have:

  • Conflict-free origins. Unlike natural diamonds, a lab grown diamond does not require mining from a conflict zone. This means that when you buy a lab grown diamond, you know your purchase will not fund violence, armed conflict or geopolitical instability.
  • Better labor standards. Lab grown diamonds offer consumers gemstones produced in a safe and controlled environment. The people responsible for producing lab grown diamonds benefit from fair wages, safe working conditions and rights under fair and ethical labor legislation.
  • Transparency and traceability. Lab grown diamonds are fully traceable, from their initial production in a specialized laboratory to the final delivery to the customer. They do not disrupt communities or rely on unethical logistics practices.

Buy a Bigger Gem at a Lower Price

Current technologies, such as High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) or Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), allow the production of diamonds of any size in a laboratory environment. 

Whether you are looking for small lab grown diamonds on tennis bracelets or a large diamond for an engagement ring, there is a gem for you at a reasonable price. You don’t need to pay a premium for a rare, naturally large diamond. Depending on the size, type and production method, a lab grown diamond can cost 50% less than a mined equivalent with the same cut and number of carats.

Enjoy Higher Quality and Purity Diamonds

Unlike diamond alternatives of the past, which used materials such as zirconium or glass, lab-grown diamonds are 100% real. Their physical and chemical properties are identical to those of earth-mined gems; only the production process differs.

Because lab grown diamonds are chemically the same as natural ones, they can achieve the same beauty, quality and purity. Besides carat weight, a lab grown diamond can have any cut and be produced to achieve the highest color and clarity grades. This level of quality is simply impossible to reach or approximate with zircon gemstones or glass copies.

Create Custom Diamond Jewelry

A lab grown diamond can be produced and customized to your exact specifications. Nearly any combination of size, shape and color is possible, so designers can create custom jewelry that perfectly reflects your preferences or personality. Each gemstone can also be mounted on nearly any piece of jewelry. A jeweler can fit lab grown diamonds on bracelets, rings, pendants, necklaces and earrings.

For example, you can order heart-shaped lab grown diamonds on engagement rings, with each diamond featuring a different color. This is just one of many possibilities; lab grown diamonds offer unmatched levels of customization in the diamond jewelry market.

How to Select Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry

Whether you need an engagement ring or a decorative piece to wear every day, follow these easy steps to select the best lab grown diamond jewelry:

  • Decide on a shape. Lab grown diamonds can be produced in any shape, from the brilliant cut or the oval to more unique options like hearts or marquise diamonds.
  • Know the diamond’s 4Cs. Because lab grown diamonds have the same properties as naturally formed ones, they can be evaluated using the 4Cs: cut, color, clarity and carats. 
  • Choose the right metal. Will you wear your lab grown diamond every day or only for special occasions? White gold and platinum are the most durable and best suited for daily wear. Yellow gold and silver require more maintenance and should be saved for jewelry worn on special occasions.
  • Establish your budget. Your budget determines your available options, such as the number and size of lab grown diamonds and the type of metal your jewelry will use.

Build an Ethical Jewelry Collection

Lab grown diamonds have redefined elegance in the jewelry market by providing a more ethical, customizable and affordable alternative to mined gemstones. Opting for a lab grown diamond means choosing a stone that can be produced to meet your exact preferences. From the purest, clearest gems with classic cuts to uniquely shaped and colored diamonds, lab grown diamonds are suitable for any occasion.

Photo by Mohamad Ali Altaweel:

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