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With so many people changing their career during the pandemic and a large percentage of the population choosing to shop online rather than in-store, there’s been a dramatic rise in the number of delivery drivers employed around the world. If you’ve recently shook up your life taking on a role as a delivery driver, then you could benefit from the tips and tricks described below, so read on to uncover the ultimate guide for new delivery drivers to stay safe and healthy while thriving in your career.

Always Utilize Training Opportunities

Training is a vital aspect of a successful delivery driving career, as you need to know how to operate a truck in a safe, efficient manner. Driving a truck is very different when compared with driving a normal hatchback car, as you have to consider the entire length of your truck as well as its ability to turn and move in the right direction. Taking advantage of every training opportunity that you are presented with will ensure that you can fulfill your role to the best of your abilities, gaining access to all of the relevant information that you need to remain out of harm’s way during each and every shift. Choosing to ignore your instructor and view training as an unnecessary endeavor will drastically affect your capabilities, and you may miss out on vital safety tips that you need to reduce risks while out on the road. Having to get in touch with a truck accident lawyer after causing a problem that could have been avoided if you had utilized your training may ruin your career as a delivery driver, so it’s important that you pay attention, ask questions and participate actively during all training sessions.

Take Regular Short Breaks

Spending hour after hour sitting inside your truck or delivery vehicle is going to have an impact on your physical and mental health over time, so it’s important that you can take regular short breaks for the sake of your mind and body. Most roads have laybys that you can pull into for a few minutes, but you must remember to get out of your truck immediately to retreat to a safe distance away from the road. You will also likely find a number of service stations or highway stops that are designed to accommodate trucks of all shapes and sizes, so you can pull in here to stay for a longer period of time while also gaining access to facilities like shops and diners. Use your stops as a chance to stretch your legs and get the blood pumping, as it can be very bad for your circulation to sit in the same position for a long period of time. Grab something to eat, use the bathroom and breathe a little fresh air away from the confines of your truck cabin, as this will help to keep you awake and alert.  

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This guide aims to equip new delivery drivers with valuable insights to thrive in their roles. By prioritizing training and self-care, you can navigate your delivery career successfully and enjoy a healthy work-life balance.

With any luck, this guide will be of benefit to any new delivery driver seeking tips and tricks to thrive in their role! 

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