Personal Fashion with Outward Purpose

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Fashion is often used as a way to make a statement. Modern fashion can be viewed more as art than practicality. The designer and wearer’s personal beliefs can come across as part of a garment, using clear language or the garment itself. As was the case with Jana Sterbak’s Vanitas meat dress that subsequently inspired Lady Gaga’s protest against the US military’s treatment of gay soldiers.

Memorial Jewelry 

Given that everyone will see what you wear, fashion can be very personal. Accessories and jewelry are even more so. For example, colored rubber bands are worn to show support for various causes such as gay pride. Ribbons are also worn to show support for cancer awareness or the death of a loved one. You can also remember a loved one with cremation necklaces.

Ashes from the cremation of a passed friend, relative, or family member can be compressed into jewelry types, including diamond, or you can preserve them inside stylish and beautiful keepsakes. These keepsakes come in various styles such as hearts, angels, and monikers like ‘Mom’ or ‘Dad’; a perfect way to keep a loved one close after they’re gone.

Statement T-Shirts

Of course, fashion is often used to outright state a belief or cause. Clothing like T-shirts and sweaters is essentially a blank canvas, ready for you to make a statement. This could be made with a unique work of art print or a straightforward written statement. A comedic example would be Samuel L. Jackson’s famous T-shirt. It states, “I am not Laurence Fishburne,” in response to a news anchor mistaking him for the other notable African American actor.

However, it would help if you were careful about wearing a statement T-shirt. Your beliefs might not align with that of the general public or the area where you are located. This could draw unwanted attention and even offend some people. Some prime examples are American Apparel’s controversial ‘Menstruation’ T-shirt or Cradle of Filth’s unbelievable ‘Jesus is a…’ (not going to mention that word) T-shirt.

Sustainable Garments

However, you don’t need to embellish yourself with a slogan or artwork or even adorn yourself with jewelry to make a statement. The materials from which your clothes are made, where they come from, and the process involved in their manufacture can say just as much about yourself and your personal beliefs as any print.

The sustainable fashion movement is driving positive change in the fashion industry by highlighting some outdated practices that are unfortunately still common in modern industry. So, you could choose to wear clothing that you know has been designed and manufactured using 100% sustainable products by fairly paid workers in a safe production environment. Les Vacances D’Irina and Stella McCartney are excellent brand examples.

However you choose to dress, you can always make your fashion personal. Memorable keepsakes like diamonds made from the ashes of a loved one are a unique way to keep them close. Or you can make an outright statement with a T-shirt print, so long as it isn’t too offensive.  And where your chosen brands source their materials can say just as much about your personal belief as any written word or art print.


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