O.G. West Coast Collective Funk Therapy “Glides” Out with Healing Debut

As a pure and potent source of healing, you can never go wrong with Funk music. A very special collective of musicians, singers, writers and rappers emanating outta various subsets of Southern California has banded together under the moniker Funk Therapy to gift the world with some medicinal musical voodoo that soothes your mind while liberating your feet!

Introducing Funk Therapy, a wellness concept in West Coast groove, making its first house call as associates of bassist Mitchell Coleman, Jr. on the ‘Urban Remix’ of his latest single, “Glide.” Coleman has already enjoyed success with two previous mixes of his cover of the intricate and innovative 1979 funk jam by the band Pleasure. Now, in collaboration who Funk Therapy, comes the most daring and different mix of all (available June 24 via The Sound of L.A. Records).

Producers Michael B. Sutton and Jason Anderson, in conjunction with Mitchell Coleman, Jr. and Funk Therapy, have slowed the music way down to kick a leaner, more spacey groove of drum machine and synths, a lead vocal sung through an old school vocoder plus the addition of an artful, thoughtful rap by Nigerian female mic checker Funanya.

The new arrangement is out of this world and guaranteed to introduce “Glide” to an even broader demographic of listeners, marinating in a vibration that is so old school, it’s new again.


Funk Therapy is the brainchild of legendary record producer Michael B. Sutton who took one look at all of the soul-crushing issues of the world today and decided that the remedy was some good old Funk Therapy. “I’ve been in therapy over half my life,” he says with a chuckle, “so I am very aware of the importance of a sound and balanced mindset. Music has always been that thing for me, especially Funk. I play James Brown as much as I do James Cleveland (the Gospel legend) to keep my head straight. So, with Funk Therapy, we’re debuting with our special mix of Mitchell Coleman Jr.’s hit single “Glide,” a song that inspires people to move past their adversities, stay positive and keep on pushin’. Later this summer, we’ll drop a full EP – a mix of original songs and a couple of choice covers.”

Funk Therapy consists of a revolving collective of musicians that, in its flagship addition, includes Michael B. Sutton, Jason Anderson, Hiroshi Upshur, Mitchell Coleman, Jr., Josh Sklair, James Manning, James Gadson and Timbali Caldwell.

Once the full EP drops on August 26, lookout for live shows of their parliament patented process of full body “healin’ with a feelin’!”

Pre save now: https://sndo.ffm.to/bjnqzox

Glide (Urban Mix) – Available June 24
Michael B. Sutton: Producer, Arranger, Keyboard
Jason Anderson: Producer, Arranger
Hiroshi Upshur: Keyboard
Mastering: James Forbes
Record Label :The Sound of L.A. – www.thesoundofla.com
Official website: www.funktherapymusic.com
Record Label: www.thesoundofla.com
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Funk Therapy – The Album Available August 26, 2022
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