BLAZAR – Electro-pop outfit and electronic artist/producer DAXSEN introduce their new single, “Tomorrow” Vol.5 – Issue #6

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American Artist BLAZAR and DAXSEN from Ecuador just released an explosive EDM single, “Tomorrow” 

Electro-pop outfit BLAZAR and electronic artist/producer DAXSEN introduce their new single, “Tomorrow,” via AntiFragile Music. Produced by BLAZAR and DAXSEN, “Tomorrow” was mixed by BLAZAR, mastered by Hans Dekline, with the topline by Jerad Finck.

Conceived by Jerad Finck, BLAZAR is a collective of exceptional producers, writers, and sound engineers who have worked with the megastars such as James Arthur, Run-DMC, Tiesto, The Fray, Duran Duran, 5SOS, and One Republic. BLAZAR’s objective of sonic innovation and pushing the creative envelope beyond the brink was just notarized by their signing to Tom Sarig’s AntiFragile Music.

The electronic artist known as DAXSEN is on the one hand an international celebrity, having released his own hit music via major labels, while on the other hand more than slightly mysterious because of numerous reports he is the Ghost Producer for many, if not most of, the top DJs in the world. Some in the media refer to DAXSEN as “The Maarten Vorwerk of Latin America,” likening him to the renowned Ghost Producer.

BLAZAR layers competing dance rhythms on his new single “Tomorrow” in ways that create friction and throw off sparks; the atmosphere is frequently nervous, passionate, and suffused with warm sounds that are all the more compelling. For the most part, the song is compulsively listenable, oddly moving, and stranger than it first appears, as the artist gets existential on the dance floor. Highly tweaked vocals allow the energy to overflow within the mix, helping the track light the dance floor with a party-past-midnight vibe.

At first the lyrics may appear blurry as you soak in the hypnotizing sonics, but even at some point, the words start to make sense as a catalyst for free association. It’s an especially welcome development given electronic music’s limitless parameters. BLAZAR ‘s insistence on wringing his grooves for all they’re worth keeps the song engaging as a start-to-finish listen in a way that isn’t common with today’s music. It’s worth remembering such a song when you’re on a night out partying with your significant other as it taps into that nostalgic magic that makes those moment feel special. “Tomorrow” finds BLAZAR  playing across the sound spectrum, with his intense experimentation on a club-ready track providing a fitting impression of his bold personality.


Certainly, a new generation of electronic artists are finding ways to tweak familiar templates, and carve a zig-zag path between respect for their predecessors and a determination to do things their own way. BLAZAR   avails himself with resonant chords, one of dance music’s most inviting forms and creates something interesting that he explores with emotive piano keys and synthesizers. Intimations of depth also play out in less obvious ways; there is always more here than meets the ear. Needless to say, the more you listen to “Tomorrow” the more fun and enjoyable you find it. The scale of the music is just immense, enough to solidify the everlasting fertility of the style BLAZAR has adopted.

None of it sounds like an exercise in presets, whether musical or emotional, and even though its a lengthy four-minute plus record, BLAZAR makes up for it with rhythmic and melodic texture alongside creativity. There’s no saying exactly where. BLAZAR plans to take his music from here but he is focused on giving his audience the ultimate experience. And in order to continue creating interesting and epic sounds that are captivating, he must remain passionate in exploring new musical landscapes with the intention of organically expressing himself as an artist while keeping the listeners entertained.

This track is full of vibrancy and brings positive vibes that fans will surely appreciate. It is easy to see people putting this song on repeat and adding it to their playlists

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Pump it up magazine - Vol.5 - Issue #6 - With EDM Sensation Blazar!

Pump it up magazine: Pump it up magazine – Vol.5 – Issue #6 – With EDM Sensation Blazar!

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