Make Your Client’s Trip a Relaxing One by Booking the Right Hotel!

With the upgrade in technology, it has become relatively easy for travel agents to book hotel reservations. You can call the hotel’s reservation department to confirm a booking, go to the hotel website to log in using special promotional codes or book through hotel sales representatives.
So, let’s get to the depth and check the points a travel agent needs to consider.

• Go through the arrival and departing time

This is the most essential part of booking, where you must be particular about the guest’s arrival and departure time. They might need a room for only 24 hours, while others can stay for a week or more, so the days should match the stay dates. If the arrival is early morning, you need to check with the hotels to see whether it is possible; otherwise, the room must be booked from the previous night. If there is a late departure, being a travel agent, one must confirm that with the guest. You need to reserve the room by paying an advance deposit to satisfy the guests and have no complaints.

• Go through the check dates and type of room

Travel agents must double-check the room type, as the room type varies from one hotel to another. One must verify whether the room booked is by the guest’s desire. Get precise details, such as how many bedrooms you need to reserve while booking a suite, whether the room has a balcony, how many guests can perfectly adjust in one room, and whether the view is essential for the guest. Also, note any special requests, such as non-smoking, room floor, and swimming pool availability. You must get the booking details by email or fax and hold proof of the A-to-Z process to avoid confusion later.

• Check the tariff

When booking a room, carefully review the tariff and check whether there are any accompanying or applicable additional costs. Double-check whether meal packages are included with the EP, AP, or MAP tariff. The applicable TAC for booking should be selected so the travel agent can get the proper commission. Opt for a New Jersey travel agency who will ensure that every trip is stress-free, enchanting, and smooth.

• Go through the cancellation charges

Always be aware of the cancellation charges, as you might know what holds in the future. A cancellation charge policy is as essential as a booking policy, which should be outlined in the confirmation letter given to the travel agent. These details must be shared with the guest at the time of booking. Every reservation correspondence, including the booking vouchers, should be appropriately attached.


If multiple hotels and multiple itineraries are functional, each hotel stay should be confirmed separately, and a confirmation letter should be obtained. Every guest should be well-informed about the dates, times, and charges, which would help start a trusted travel relationship. When you offer personalized service, it is essential that every aspect of the travel is well planned and all the bookings are made in advance. When the hotel stay is not good, it leaves a sour taste.


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