Luxury Attire When Traveling to A Fashion Capital

How to dress your best for glamorous luxury travel to the world's top fashion destinations.

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Winter is thawing, and soon, the air will be warm and sunny — we’re already thinking about our next vacation, aren’t you? Packing for a summer holiday is always an overwhelming task — even more so if you’re planning on jet-setting to one of the iconic fashion capitals of the world like Paris or Milan, as you’ll need to plan your wardrobe carefully.

You’ll want to look stylish and put together while being practical and comfortable. Here are some tips for creating luxury travel outfits that are fashion-forward, functional, and perfect for globetrotting in high style.

Board in Style

Make the right impression from the moment you step into the scene. You can stick to chic, timeless, and comfy basics like plush velour tracksuits or silky pajama sets. Monogrammed slippers and an eye mask will make it feel like your own personal flying penthouse, and if you’re traveling in a cold climate, you’ll probably wear a jacket or coat.  Finally, you can also opt for ultra-luxe loungewear like cashmere joggers and soft knit pullovers and slip into your favorite designer sneakers. Then, finish off the look with an oversized pair of sunglasses and a quilted leather backpack for some added jet-setting flair.

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Understand Dress Codes & Local Customs

Make sure you understand the dress codes and customs of where you’re visiting, especially for high-end experiences. Some luxury restaurants and venues may require formal attire in the evenings and have local cultural norms, like covering bare shoulders and knees at religious sites. Do your research beforehand so you can respect customs and pack appropriately.

Include Local Inspired Accents

Infuse a bit of destination-specific flair into your looks by adding a few locally inspired accessories or garments. This is a great way to subtly embrace the vibe of where you are traveling. You could pack a Parisian-chic beret in France, an elegant silk scarf in Italy, or bold cabochon statement jewelry in Morocco. When done tastefully, these touches can really elevate your looks.

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Stay True to Your Personal Style

Blending in and respecting local customs is important, but don’t lose your personal flair. Pack quintessential “you” pieces that express your unique style sensibility and make you feel confident. Juliette Binoche is known for exuding Parisian sophistication with her minimalist chic looks, while Priyanka Chopra embraces bold colors and patterns.

Pack Multi-Purpose Basics

The key to any well-curated luxury travel wardrobe is packing versatile basics that transition seamlessly from day to night. For women, items like black cigarette pants, tailored blazers, silk camisoles, cashmere sweaters, and little black dresses can be dressed up or down. Gentlemen can rely on crisp button-down shirts, blazers, pressed trousers, and polished oxfords or loafers. The key is choosing high-quality, lightweight fabrics and pieces in timeless colors like black, navy, tan, and gray.

Keep the Add-Ons Elevated

Final touches like oversized sunglasses, a designer crossbody bag, a silk scarf, and statement jewelry can take your outfits to the next level. Mimic how celebrities Like J.Lo accessorize when jet-setting to fashion around the world. Opt for high-quality investment pieces from iconic luxury brands to complete your globetrotting ensembles in style.

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Travel Wrinkle-Free

Wrinkled clothes can instantly cheapen the look of any outfit. Use fabric steamers to remove wrinkles and fold clothes in tissue paper to avoid new ones forming in transit. Pack non-wrinkling fabrics like jersey knits, microfiber blends, and merino wool if traveling in winter. Ask your hotel concierge for pressing or steaming assistance upon arrival if needed.

What Not To Wear

When traveling in luxury, there are certain clothing items that you should avoid to maintain an elevated style:

  • Steer clear of activewear like yoga pants, leggings, and gym clothes. While ultimately comfortable, these athletic pieces are too casual for luxury travel. The same goes for overly tight items that restrict movement when sitting for long periods.
  • You’ll also want to avoid impractical footwear like towering heels, platforms, and flimsy flip-flops. These can be uncomfortable in airports or walking city streets. Over-the-knee boots and clunky Uggs appear out of place unless specifically needed for cold weather.
  • Skip revealing items like short skirts, dresses, or shorts, which can be chilly in-flight. Distressed denim and anything too casual are best left behind as well.

The key is choosing clothes that balance comfort, polish, and practicality at cruising altitude. You’ll stay cozy and refined when traveling by avoiding entirely casual or restrictive items.

Jet-Set on Your Next Glamorous Getaway

With deliberate planning and packing, you can journey to the world’s fashion capitals looking ultra-chic, sophisticated, and ready to experience once-in-a-lifetime luxuries. Follow these tips, and you’ll have a celebrity-worthy style from the moment you touchdown.

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