Music Review: Lala Salama’s Single “Summer Love” Signed to All That Plazz: A Refreshing Burst of Energy for the Summer Season

Photo by Eemi Kettunen

Lala Salama, the newest signing to the All That Plazz record label, is joining the summer hit parade with the release of the irresistibly cheerful single “Summer Love.” The new single, which is being released on May 17, doesn’t pale sonically alongside the world’s biggest contemporary indie bands at all thanks to mastering by American Grammy nominee Ryan Schwabe.

Lala Salama comprises singer and guitarist Rosa Jules together with drummer Aliisa Keränen and bassist Santeri Hytönen, who also play with the band Bad Sauna. Having gained a following in Helsinki’s punk and indie circles, Lala Salama has previously self-published one EP and a single. With their new single, the band is readier than ever.

“Summer Love” is a wistful but also empowering and rollicking love song that yearns for a summer love in the style of a modern and urban hit. Musical points of comparison can be found in dreampop and Scandinavian nostalgia pop, but also strongly in shoegaze, indie rock, and even punk. Bands like Regina, Beach House, DIIV, and Wet Leg come to mind. However, perhaps no one has previously been able to combine Finnish melancholy and jagged romanticism with indie rock quite like Lala Salama does.

The strongly feminist DIY band formed during the pandemic, when Hytönen and Keränen fell in love with the demo tapes of singer and songwriter Rosa Jules. The trio bonded immediately, and Lala Salama became a real band. “Summer Love” will no doubt grab the attention of not only the local punk gang in Kallio but also wider indie circles, both in Finland and around the world.

With ‘Summer Love,’ Lala Salama delivers a refreshing burst of energy that’s perfect for the summer season. Their unique blend of shoegaze, indie rock, and punk, combined with Rosa Jules’ heartfelt lyrics, makes for a truly unforgettable listening experience.

Lala Salama: Rosa Jules – vocals, guitar Aliisa Keränen – drums, vocals Santeri Hytönen – bass, vocals

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Concerts: 2.7. Laiva, Porvoo 14.7. Jokelan Närkästysjuhlat, Jokela 28.7. Jytäkesä Go-Go, Helsinki


Review written by Anissa Boudjaoui Sutton  – Pump it up magazine Founder & Music Editor and Women Songwriters Hall of Fame  Advisory Board Member, Digital Media, Marketing and Consulting –

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