Jazz in P!nk offers up a soulful, passionate take on jazz with the spirited “1st Collection”.

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           Jazz in P!nk offers up a soulful, passionate take on jazz with the spirited “1st Collection”. Grace and style come to define the high-energy, cheery optimism that guides the whole album forward. By offering something with such vigor Jazz in P!nk ensures that every single track has its own unique tact. Over the course of the album Jazz in P!nk playing incorporates a wide slew of genres into the mix ranging from funk to pop to a hint of classical, all nicely framed by a firm grounding in jazz traditions. Staying true to the key tenet of jazz, the group listens to each other engaging in fine group play, with Karen Briggs displaying fine, luxurious violin playing. Nicely merging with the violin Althea Rene takes on a deft touch with her on flute. The solid grooves have an inviting quality, showing off the undeniable chops of Robin Bramlett on bass and Danielle Brown on drums, helping the whole album with its soothing, sparkling rhythms.


            A wild carefree attitude introduces the album with the lush and aptly named “Pink Symphony”. Things slow down considerably on the reflective bliss of “Sisterness” featuring some rather fantastic saxophone playing. Multiple layers of sound interact perfectly on the balanced beautiful scope of “Katgirl”. By far the highlight of the album comes from the tenderness of “Got To Be True” whose harp playing lends the piece an angelic air. Elegance radiates from the soothing “Flowers For Her”. Neatly bringing everything to a close with the stately piano of “Pink On This”.

            The “1st Collection” embraces a wide variety of colors, showing Jazz in P!nk to have a deft skill in creating highly memorable, deeply satisfying melodies that linger in the mind.  




Darlene “D’Love” Moreno/guitar
Danielle “DeeSimone” Thompson/drums
Tomoka/sax and flute
Robin Bramlett/bass and music director
Gail Jhonson/leader and keyboards and vocals


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