14 November 2018

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DIY Girls

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DIY (“Do-It-Yourself”) Girls’ enourages young women to explore technology, engineering and “making” through innovative educational experiences. DIY Girls develops and implements a range of educational programs and events designed to encourage exploration with technology, promote self-confidence and support aspiration to technical careers.

With the rise of the DIY maker movement and the recent accessibility of tools (3D printers, open source hardware, etc.) formerly only available in engineering labs, the future of technology product development will be determined by people who will design and build their own products.The organization envisions a future where women and girls fully participate and are well-represented in this new economy.

DIY Girls provides a continuous pathway of support to a technical career for at-risk girls – from 5th grade to high school graduation.The program is designed to provide engagement with technology, build capacity, and continue serving the girls until they finish high school. Girls learn technical skills and apply them creatively.

DIY Girls organizes monthly workshops/events where women learn new skills and develop products together.They target women that have never thought of themselves as technologists, makers or inventors and want to develop new skills. DIY Girls is building a community of women interested in learning new skills and in becoming role models and mentors to young girls.

DIY Girls is a project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs, a nonprofit organization.

Twitter : @DIYGIRLS



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