18 November 2018

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Jan Daley – The Way of A Woman

  • Jan Daley – The Way of A Woman | Smooth Jazz 

    Jan Daley is a singer and performer with a rather elegant approach to soothing smooth jazz tones. Her vocals performances are rich, dynamic and awe-inspiring. As a singer, she showcases an impressive degree of dynamic control and melodic range, which complements the music beautifully. Their sound is true.

    Her recent studio work, “The Way of A Woman”, is a collection of classy, elegant and awe-inspiring tones, which showcase a combination of Jan and Michael B Sutton’s impeccable production aesthetics, Jan’s cleverly crafted composing  of six of the tracks and inspired musicianship on from everyone  involved within this project. Whether she is offering her rendition of a timeless classic or experimenting with something different, Jan always delivers thoughtful and emotional recordings.


    Available on iTunes Store | Jan Daley “The Way of a Woman”

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    Jan Daley will be featured on the next Printed Edition | Release April 6th

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