Interview With Jan Daley on Her Musical Journey and New Country Hit ‘The Girl’s in Love

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Hello Jan Daley, could you tell us a bit about yourself and your musical journey?

Jan Daley: Hello! Of course, I am a passionate country music artist. I started my career a few years ago as a Jazz singer, and over time, I’ve had the privilege of working with talented individuals and exploring different aspects of music.

 Tell us about your new song, “The Girl’s in Love.” What is it about?

Excitingly, “The Girl’s in Love” is already charting at #13 on the Top 40 country music!

Jan Daley: “The Girl’s in Love” is a special song for me. It’s about the deep influence of love on a woman’s life. It celebrates everything women are willing to do for love, from changes in their fashion style to their commitment to fitness routines. It’s a song that celebrates love in all its forms. Excitingly, it’s already charting at the 13th spot on the Top 40 best country music tracks!

 Can you tell us who you collaborated with to create this song?

Jan Daley: I had the opportunity to work with Michael B. Sutton of The Sound Of LA for this song. It was an incredible experience working with him, and I believe his contribution truly enriched the song.

 In your opinion, what makes “The Girl’s in Love” captivating and special for listeners?

Jan Daley: What makes this song special is the fusion of classic country charm with a touch of timeless elegance. It offers a musical experience that is both nostalgic and modern, and I hope it touches the hearts of listeners from different generations.

Jan Daley – “The Gil’s in Love”

Where can our listeners listen to your new song, “The Girl’s in Love”?

Jan Daley: You can listen to “The Girl’s in Love” on various music streaming platforms by clicking here  

  You can also find it on my website and follow the links on my social media profiles to stay updated with all the news about my music.

jandaley | Instagram | Linktree

I hope everyone enjoys this song as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Thank you, Jan Daley, for sharing this information about your new song and your musical career. We look forward to discovering your music!

Press Release

Photo by Mark Marynovich

Jan Daley reveals what women do when they fall in love in her brand-new country music single, “The Girl’s in Love” – Available on November 17th

As anticipation grows, Jan Daley offers an exclusive preview of her upcoming new country music single, “The Girl’s in Love,” set to release on November 17, 2023. Click here: The Girl’s In Love (


“The Girl’s in Love” is not just a song; it’s a journey into the profound influence of love, illustrating a woman’s evolution from trading her Levi’s for lace and embracing fitness routines—all in the name of love. Crafted in collaboration with the talented Michael B. Sutton of The Sound Of LA, this single promises a seamless fusion of classic country charm and timeless elegance.

In Jan Daley’s song “The Girl’s in Love,” you will discover what girls do when they fall in love. The song tells the story of the profound influence of love on a woman, illustrating how she’s willing to make changes in her life, like trading her jeans for lace and adopting fitness routines, all in the name of love. It’s a celebration of the transformations and efforts that women are willing to undertake to feel the magic of being in love. The song expresses the emotions and experiences related to love in a captivating and catchy way.

(150) “The Girl’s in Love” – Jan Daley (Lyric Video Preview) – Available Nov. 17th, 2023 – YouTube

Jan Daley herself is excited about this release, stating, “I wanted to capture the essence of what women go through in the name of love. It’s a celebration of the efforts we are willing to put in, from wardrobe changes to fitness endeavors, all for that magical feeling of being in love!”

Photo by Mark Marynovich

The highly anticipated release of Jan Daley, “The Girl’s in Love,” is not just a captivating country single; it’s an upbeat track that will have you clapping your hands and tapping your feet!” – Pump it up Magazine

To give her fans a taste of the magic, Jan Daley is offering them an Exclusive Lyric Video Preview. This sneak peek provides a visual and auditory experience, setting the stage for the full release on November 17.

🎥 Watch the Exclusive Lyric Video Preview:

🎉 Join the excitement and subscribe for more exclusive previews on Jan Daley’s jandaley | Instagram | Linktree

Let’s make the release day of “The Girl’s in Love” an epic celebration of love and great music!

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“The Girl’s in Love” by Jan Daley seamlessly merges the timeless charm of classic country with a touch of everlasting sophistication. This harmonious blend is scheduled for release on November 17th, marking the commencement of an exciting partnership between The Sound of L.A., WorldSound, Virgin Music Group, and Universal Music Group.

For more information about Jan Daley, you can visit her website:, her Instagram: @jandaley, and her Linktree: jandaley | Instagram | Linktree



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