Interview With Celebrity Make-Up Artist Mandie Brice and Author of “Best Face Forward”

How long have you been a makeup artist and how did you get your start in the industry?
It all depends on how you define it! I’ve been fascinated with makeup since I was a little kid, and played with it for as long as I remember. I have a training certificate from 1998, when I was working at the cosmetics counter of a Walgreens during high school, but I would say my real career as a pro started about ten years ago. I had been modeling for a while on the side of being a teacher, so in summers and on weekends. I had been doing my own makeup for a lot of shoots, and sometimes did it on other models, and even modeled for makeup classes, where I did my best to soak up as much knowledge as I could! Then I eventually became even more successful as a makeup artist than model, even though I still do both!
“Best Face Forward” by Mandie Brice
Can you tell us about your book “Best Face Forward”?

This is a collection of makeup skills and practical looks (from a 5-minute look, to a daytime look, to an evening/date night look or makeup for photography) as taught by a professional makeup artist with celebrity experience and a teaching degree.

It is based upon a digital makeup course that shows self-application as well as on a variety of models with different ages, skin tones, and eye shapes, and the book uses the same inclusive approach.

There’s also an extensive glossary of terms, product recommendations, and other resources, including how to select complexion makeup/foundation, different brushes and their uses, brush care, and your makeup shopping list.

It is available on my website and Apple Book Store

What do you love most about make up?
I love the confidence that people get from looking their best. It can be so transformative for people to feel amazing because they look amazing.
Does everyone look better with make-up?
I would say yes, but it doesn’t always take much!
There are lots of people I’d like to give a make-under, and put less on. I’m very fond of a more natural look as opposed to dramatic glam! 
What three makeup item should no woman leave home without?
I don’t think there’s any specific things that are must-haves for every single person. It varies because some people have different needs or different features that are better to accentuate, so it depends on what you’re working with!
What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to women?
I think the biggest key is to stay true to themselves.
Beauty is not a “one size fits all” endeavor, but something really individual. I think in 2020, there will be trends, but that our society and even fashion is more about what looks and feels best to the individual versus trying to fit in with everyone else! These are a couple of main points in both the book I wrote with makeup tips for beginners as well as the online makeup course it was based off.
I made an online makeup course to empower women to learn to do their own makeup confidently, and I share as much knowledge as I can by writing! You may have seen that published on, Huffington Post, Apple News, Makeup Artist Magazine, and/or Women’s Health, but if you haven’t, you can check that out here! If you’re interested in more press about me, head to my press page!


Teaser for Mandie’s Makeup Mastery Academy! from Mandie on Vimeo.

What advice can you give to prospective students thinking about an education and career in make up artists?
I strongly recommend getting licensed and being strict about rules regarding safety and hygiene, but more creative in the artistry aspects. I think that the rise of influencer culture has been beautiful for creativity and expression, but I have seen some dangerous and gross behaviors from a hygiene standpoint, which is why I think more and more states are going to require licensure and advanced training. It’s so much smarter to start with that than to try to get a license when you’re already getting booked and putting your career on hold.

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