How to Look and Feel Like a Million Bucks When Flying First Class Internationally

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Here’s a bit of a secret: you’re not actually guaranteed to feel well-rested even if you’re flying first class internationally. It doesn’t matter how long the flight is, like flying out to Venice, Italy, or even as far as Japan. But even if you are going to treat yourself to an amazing experience, you still deserve to embrace it and enjoy as much of it as you possibly can. 

Honestly, when it comes to embarking on an international first-class journey, it is more than just a flight; it’s a curated experience of luxury and sophistication. You don’t even get this service in Michelin-star restaurants, so of course, you need to soak up as much of this experience as you possibly can. 

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or indulging in a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, presenting yourself with confidence and style can elevate your entire travel experience. So, with that said, here’s how you can look and feel like a million bucks when flying first class internationally! 

Start with Dressing the Part

So, for starters, you don’t dress how the influencers dress online; if you type in “first-class” on Instagram, you can guarantee you’ll be seeing influencers and other content creators really going at it with their outfits. So, just go ahead and start your journey by dressing in a way that mirrors the luxury of first-class travel. 

It’s really going to help to just opt for timeless, well-fitted garments made from quality fabrics.

You don’t have to wear a suit or anything uptight like that; after all, you will most likely be sleeping on this flight. While style is crucial, comfort should not be compromised. Invest in high-quality, comfortable clothing suitable for long flights. Think cashmere sweaters, breathable fabrics, and shoes that provide support while maintaining a polished appearance. Just check out some of the outfits from Succession; they’re a perfect example; they’re smart casual but still very elevated. You’ll easily blend in with all the other rich passengers; that’s just quiet luxury for you!

It’s All in the Accessories 

You are also going to want to really elevate your look with carefully chosen accessories. If you’re going for the Quiet Luxury aesthetic, then you’re going to want a few things that aren’t bold; rather, they blend in. Some examples that are subtle would be a classic watch, stylish sunglasses, or a statement piece of jewelry that can add a touch of glamour without being overly ostentatious. 

When it comes to sunglasses, they’re mainly for when you’re traveling outside of a plane, so that might not count. However, one accessory that you cannot forget about is your suitcase! That’s right when you’re walking around the airport, you have your suitcase with you. You have it when you’re at a restaurant, in the lounge, in line for boarding, and when you’re getting off the plane, too. So this should look marvelous and really go with your look. 

Think of it like this: you wouldn’t want to go on first class with a battered suitcase that’s on its last leg, right? Wouldn’t you rather have a Delsey Paris suitcase or even some other elegant brand? In general, your bag goes with the outfit, and this is something you want to ensure looks lovely and clean. 

Pamper Yourself Pre-Flight

Why not arrive at the airport feeling refreshed and revitalized by indulging in pre-flight pampering? By all means, you should really treat yourself to a spa day, a haircut, or a relaxing massage to ensure you step onto the plane with confidence and poise.

Pack Smartly

This doesn’t have anything to do with how you look, but it might involve how you feel. So, just try and make strategic choices when packing your luggage. It’s a good idea to just select versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched, allowing you to create different looks throughout your journey. Plus, you can’t go wrong with some good old packaging cubes, either. 

Try to Have an In-Flight Beauty Routine

One thing you really need to keep in mind is that the flight will suck out all the moisture in your skin. You might not even feel all that good (physically) because of it. So, with that said, be sure to combat the effects of long-haul flights with a curated in-flight beauty routine. You need to hydrate your skin with a nourishing moisturizer, use a hydrating facial mist, and keep makeup minimal for a fresh, dewy complexion upon arrival. 

One thing you could do it just assemble a cabin-ready beauty kit with travel-sized essentials to combat the toll of long flights. Include hydrating face mists, moisturizing lip balms, and a light coverage foundation to keep your skin radiant and refreshed. Just be sure to do all of this in the first-class bathroom (as they do carry scents). 

Hydration is Key

Remember how it was stated above that the air zaps the hydration from your skin? Well, this is why you really need to drink water. As tempting as it is to enjoy unlimited glasses of champagne, it’s best not to do that. Instead, you should opt for water over alcohol and pack healthy snacks to keep your energy levels up. Staying nourished and hydrated contributes to a radiant and lively appearance upon landing.

Don’t Forget the Travel Accessories

 Just because you’re in first class doesn’t mean they’re going to carry everything you need to sleep peacefully when the time comes. So it never hurts to bring some stuff just in case. So, you should really just invest in travel accessories that add a touch of luxury to your journey. A stylish neck pillow, a premium travel blanket, or a set of noise-canceling headphones can turn your in-flight experience into a pampered retreat.

Have Something to Sleep In

Most airlines are going to vary when it comes to first class, but one thing you should keep in mind is that usually, first class has a layout where passengers can lie down and go to sleep in their chairs. So why not pack some nice satin (or even silk) pajamas? Sometimes, airlines will already provide a pair that’s one-size-fits-all, but you’ll need to look in advance if this is actually required. 

It’s Totally Okay to Capture the Moment

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to? It’s highly recommended to just go ahead and document your first-class journey with style by taking a few snapshots. A well-composed travel photo not only serves as a cherished memory but also allows you to relive the elegance and glamour of your international first-class adventure. Just don’t make this into an entire photoshoot; it’s just rude. 

You Need to Master the Art of Relaxation

First-class cabins offer the luxury of spacious seating and additional amenities. Take advantage of this space to stretch out, relax, and enjoy the in-flight entertainment. Just be sure to utilize noise-canceling headphones (try to pack these because not all airlines provide this)to create your own serene oasis in the sky.

Stay a Bit Active

Now, you shouldn’t run up and down the aisle; by all means, don’t do this. But it’s not just about looking good; you need to feel good too. If you’re cooped up in one chair, it’s only to get painful eventually. So why not try to combat jet lag and stiffness with light in-flight exercises? Simple stretches and occasional walks around the cabin can help improve circulation and leave you feeling rejuvenated upon arrival.

Enjoy the Food

Yes, by all means, you have to enjoy what’s given in first class! This isn’t some boring TV dinner either; they really go all out for their passengers! 


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