How To Find Your Perfect Pair Of Everyday Sneakers

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How To Find Your Perfect Pair Of Everyday Sneakers

Sneakers are shoes you can wear to any kind of function such as parties, sports, running, or hiking. If you style them appropriately, you can even put them on in the office. 

They’re popular for the key advantages they offer, namely that they’re light and low-heeled, which puts less strain on your feet. But, they also come in different varieties, meaning you must know how to select a pair whose color and shape won’t make you look out of place. 

With that in mind, here are six ways to find your perfect pair of everyday sneakers:

  • Work With A Quality Brand 

There are different sneakers brands in the market, and each does its best to give standard and conventional designs. You can take your time to research the ratings, reviews, quality, and pricing for each specific brand you’d like to work with. To find the perfect pair of everyday sneakers, it helps to purchase them from a reliable store and to stick to one brand to ensure you’re getting quality sneakers.

You can always check out the best collection of Vans shoes and those from other big-name brands you can wear for various occasions. Choosing from these companies usually enables you to get any size you want for your toddlers, kids, and teens thanks to their tried and tested quality. Plus, they even provide special options for men and women alongside unisex models. 

  • Check Your Current Wardrobe

Your wardrobe influences the type of sneakers you’ll have to wear daily. So, take your time to check every single outfit you have to see which sneakers can match them. With careful and smart selection, you’ll find perfectly fitting sneakers that go well with your go-to clothes. 

It helps if you own plain yet well-made sneakers that work with several cloth designs. Sneakers with unique colors and design schemes are also great, but you’ll need more effort to pair them with the right outfit. Nonetheless, if you’re wearing a dress, jeans, or a suit, well-chosen sneakers make for the perfect footwear. 

  • Consider What You Will Do 

There’s no point in a pair of sneakers if you can’t comfortably put them on to do your routines for the day. Still, you do have to think about their colors.

For instance, white sneakers look classy. But if you’re going someplace muddy with them, they may accumulate dirt that’s hard to clean. Brown sneakers would be a better choice in this case. So, make sure to match your sneakers to the type of activity you will perform. 

This goes in more ways than one. The sneakers you put on for hiking or jogging are different from those you wear while walking around in the streets. You can get ones with smooth cushions for the gym or casual pairs for your everyday needs. And of course, you must ensure your sneakers stay in excellent condition after use. 

If you’re going for a run, consider versatile options for both children and adults, Hike Footwear offers valuable insights on choosing the best barefoot shoes for kids.

Credit Photo: Isha Madera
  • Find The Right Fit

How well they fit should be one of your main concerns when choosing a pair of sneakers. If you don’t get this right, it can make wearing them for a whole day very uncomfortable. 

For example, a small fit may be too tight for your feet, straining your toes and the arch of your foot. Meanwhile, a bigger one may be too loose. This can lead to its sides and back rubbing constantly on your skin, leading to blisters and sores spots.

Make it a point to try out and compare sneakers before purchasing them. Alternatively, if you’re buying online, check the sizes on the website before ordering. Remember, if you’re putting in a lot of money for shoes, you need a pair you can actually use every day.

Knowing your foot size can make fitting much easier. If you’re buying a pair because of the design anyway, just note that slightly larger sneakers are better than tight ones.

  • Check Their Durability 

Durability is a must when you’re buying a pair of sneakers as mentioned in a previous point. This is especially so if you’re looking for one to wear daily for errands or running. It’s better to go for pricey but long-lasting sneakers instead of cheap but flimsy ones that’ll get damaged quickly and force you to replace them.

  • Go For Stiff Backs 

When picking a pair of sneakers, go for the ones where you can grab the heel in one hand and the part beyond the heel in the other. This guarantees that the heel part of the shoes won’t move sideways, making them durable.



Finding the perfect pair of everyday sneakers requires a lot of deep thinking and decision-making. The key is to prioritize comfort, followed by other criteria like design, brand, and color. An excellent choice of sneakers will ensure you remain confident and stylish wherever you wear them.


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