How To Avoid Getting a Blister From New Boots

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Nothing puts a damper on your day like getting a blister, especially when the culprit is your new pair of boots. Whether you’re walking home from work or taking a stroll on vacation, a sore foot will make every step feel like a chore.

Blisters can take a while to heal, which is why prevention is the best strategy. Here’s how to avoid getting a blister from new boots so that you can get back on your feet and on with your day.

Buy the Correct Size

The first step in avoiding blisters is to buy shoes that fit properly. If you wear boots that are too big, your foot will slide around, and this extra friction will make blisters more likely.

Be honest with yourself while shopping, and only buy boots that fit well. If you notice a problem with the fitting after you get home, don’t assume it will improve. Exchange them promptly and get the correct size.

Break Them in Slowly

As excited as you might be about wearing your new boots, you should take it slow. Wearing brand-new boots for an entire day can lead to painful blisters.

Start by wearing them around the house for an hour at a time to break them in. This will give you time to adjust to the boots while they mold to your feet. Once they feel more comfortable, you can start wearing them for longer periods.

Protect Problem Areas

If you notice any pain points while you’re breaking in the boots, make sure to address them. Stick a bandage on your heel or use a piece of moleskin to protect your skin from friction. You can also apply a little petroleum jelly to the problem spot inside the boot. It will act as a barrier between the boot and your foot and prevent a blister from forming.

Wear the Right Socks

If you want to avoid blisters, wearing the right socks with your new boots will help. While the best socks to wear with boots will depend on your personal preference, you need to keep your socks dry to prevent blisters. Socks with extra cushioning around the heel and toes will also cut down on friction.

New boots are an exciting addition to your wardrobe, especially when they’re comfortable. Once you know how to avoid getting a blister from new boots, you can start putting new outfits together.


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