Hold on to Your Blue Suede Shoes: Fraud Scandal Threatens Graceland!

Elvis's cousin, Edie Hand, spills all the explosive details!

Hey Pump It Up readers! Hold on to your blue suede shoes because we’ve got some shocking news for you. A fraud scandal almost closed the doors of Graceland, and we got the inside scoop from Edie Hand, Elvis Presley’s cousin and a successful author. Let’s dive into what she had to say about this wild situation and her treasured memories of Graceland.

In an exclusive interview with NewsNation, Edie Hand, a cousin of Elvis Presley and a successful author, shared her reflections on the recent court ruling regarding a fraudulent loan document and her cherished memories of Graceland. Hand, who has penned book like “The Genuine Elvis,” and more, provided a unique insight into the legacy of the Presley family and the importance of Graceland.

‘You’re not gonna take Graceland’: Elvis Presley’s cousin Edie Hand

In a shocking twist, a fraudulent loan document nearly jeopardized public access to Graceland. Edie Hand, who’s written book like “The Genuine Elvis,” shared her disbelief at the recent court ruling.

“It’s crazy, right? I couldn’t believe it when I heard. Everyone close to Graceland confirmed it’s definitely a fraud. It’s shocking how far it got,” 

Imagine if Graceland had been closed to the public! Edie painted a vivid picture of the magic that Graceland holds for Elvis fans. “Seeing fans’ faces light up when they walk in is priceless. Elvis Presley is an icon, and the thought of Graceland being closed is just heartbreaking,” she said.

Edie also shared some heartfelt memories of being at Graceland with Lisa Marie Presley just days before her passing. Despite not feeling well, Lisa Marie made it a point to attend Elvis’s birthday celebration.

“Graceland was her home, her legacy. Even when she wasn’t feeling well, she pushed herself to be there. Lisa Marie’s dedication was truly inspiring,” Edie reminisced.

Despite selling parts of Elvis’s empire, Lisa Marie always kept full ownership of Graceland. The idea that she would use it as collateral for a loan seemed unbelievable to Edie. “Lisa Marie was smart and fiercely protective of her father’s legacy. I can’t believe she’d ever put Graceland at risk like that,” she emphasized.

The good news? Graceland is safe and sound. Riley Keough, Lisa Marie’s daughter, is surrounded by a strong support system, including her grandmother and the dedicated team at Graceland Enterprises.

“Graceland’s legacy is in good hands, and no one’s taking it away from the fans or the family,” Edie reassured us.

Edie’s final thoughts on the situation were clear:

“There will always be people trying to take advantage, but Graceland is untouchable. It’s a sanctuary for Elvis’s fans and family, and it will continue to be a place of joy and inspiration.”

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