Healing Power of Jazz Music

Music is an art that is appreciated by all. It is equally enjoyed by those who perform and those who listen. It is said that music has healing powers, which rejuvenates your body and soul. An intrinsic part of all cultures and traditions, music helps men to relax, reduce stress, improve memory, increase focus and build physical coordination.


However, not all kinds of music have such effects. Loud and jarring music can be distracting, often shifting our attention from what we do itself. Classics like Jazz music are one of the most favourable music genres which are known to have healing effects on men.


Jazz is said to be the most mentally stimulating music in the world. For experiencing this soulful music in Dubai, visit the jazz lounge in Al Barsha, dedicated to the jazz music of different styles.


A little bit of history

The jazz music originated in the African slave quarters in the south of USA, as a piece of music which gave emotional relief to the slaves. The first form of jazz style explored is the Blues. The Jazz music is considered a creative discipline, with a lot of improvisational music.


Considered as “America’s classical music”, jazz music became recognized as a popular form of musical expression since the 1920s. The musical parentage of jazz is shared by African – American and European- American musicals.


Psychological effects of Jazz music


Stress Relief


Jazz music is a really effective stress buster. The music has a direct effect on your hormones. Listening to the slow classical notes relaxes tense muscles, which releases some of the tension you carry around on a day to day basis.


Bringing a happy mood


Upbeat Jazz music is known to reduce negative emotions, evoking happy and positive feelings. This classical music is said to reduce cortisol in your body, which is known to respond to stress.


Mental simulation


Jazz music is said to simulate the player’s and listener’s mind. To follow Jazz, your brain has to mimic the rhythmic improvised patterns which are made by different instruments, which all produce music with technical requirements like swinging eight notes at unusual signatures like 12/8 and 5/4. The added improvisation creates a “call and response” which is more like a musical conversation between the instruments. Listening to or playing jazz music is thus known to increase the brain activity of the listener.


Inspires creativity


Jazz music is inherently creative. With increases mental simulation, the jazz players improvise on their music. With various instruments producing music that blends well into a medley of musical notes, which promotes the listeners to do abstract processing leading to higher creativity. In effect, jazz music urges our brain to think outside the box.


A sense of well being


Jazz music can produce a calming effect on your nervous system by lowering your heart and respiratory rate. This, in turn, produces a sense of well being in the listeners, improving their mood considerably.
Hop into the jazz music lounge in Al Barsha to listen to live jazz performances and enjoy a delicious dine and wine. Feel happy, live better.


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