Soulful Fusion: George ‘G-Spot’ Jackson’s “Ti Amo Santana” Shakes Up House Music Scene with Joe Smooth & Black Pearl Collaboration


Chicago, IL – Get ready to be blown away by George ‘G-Spot’ Jackson’s latest masterpiece, “Ti Amo Santana”. This track is set to shake up the House Music scene and solidifies George’s position as a top producer in the industry. With its fusion of Soulful, Latin, and Afro-House music, “Ti Amo Santana” is a collaboration with House Music legends Joe Smooth and Black Pearl. Their combined talents create a mesmerizing sound that showcases George’s undeniable talent and creativity.
With its fusion of Soulful, Latin, and Afro-House music, “Ti Amo Santana” by George “G-Spot” Jackson feat. House Music legends Joe Smooth and Black Pearl.
“Ti Amo Santana” marks a departure from Jackson’s previous work, as it is an original blend of Soulful, Latin, and Afro House, rather than sampled Latin House. Joe Smooth, known for his work on “Promised Land”, brought his keyboard programming skills to the track to make it a huge release. Black Pearl’s sultry voice takes the track to the next level.
Jackson has more exciting projects in the works, including a collaboration with Ed Ramsey and Bennett Holland in the spring of 2023.
He can be heard live every Saturday from 4-6pm (EST) on CYBERJAMZ and his tracks can be found on  TRAXSOURCE
If you are a radio programmer interested in featuring “Ti Amo Santana” on your station, please reach out to Marlo Jackson at Double M Entertainment for more information and arrangements:
George “G-SPOT” Jackson
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Briefly tell us about yourself
I’m a 39yr vet of DJing and started seriously producing in the last 6yrs or so. I reside in Chicago, but have also called Cleveland my home for a significant part of my life. Music has been a core inspiration of my life since I can remember!

Can you tell us about the genre and inspiration behind “Ti Amo Santana”? This track is House Music inspired, specifically Soulful, Latin and Afro House. I’ve always loved Carlos Santana and wanted to do something with a guitar flair that was similar to what Mr Santana would do if he performed in the House Music genre. I teamed up with Joe Smooth and Black Pearl and we have this beautiful track.

How does this track fit into your overall musical style and vision? I’ve always been inspired by the Latin and House Music sound, so to merge them together was a perfect scenario. Although I’m not of Latinx origin, I feel a certain kinship through the music!

Can you talk about any specific technical or compositional elements that went into creating this track? The collab with Joe Smooth was the best. He was able to take what I brought to the track and enhance it 10 fold. Using the keyboard to make every sound feel unique. Everything was brought to life with keyboards and drum programs, but you may not be able to tell when playing it back for even the 100th time.

How does this track differ from your previous work? I’ve done more sampled Latin House before, but this one really blends Soulful, Latin and Afro perfect (and all original works).

Can you talk about any collaborations or special guests that contributed to this track? Again, Joe Smooth, a legend in the House Music genre (maker of Promised Land), brought his ideas to the table about making this one a huge release. He was able to bring his keyboard programming abilities to make this track go from a dope idea to a dope project. Black Pearl is the sultry voice that takes the track over the top.

Are there any upcoming performances or projects that you’d like to share with our readers in connection to this track?

Next track up is a collaboration with Ed Ramsey and Bennett Holland. Both extremely talented artists (Ed is the vocalist and Bennett is the keyboard programming specialist) worked with me to make this one a sure fire hit. Coming in the spring of 2023!

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