Fitness Tips: Why Fitness Instructors Should Know First Aid

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While having first aid training isn’t required to become a personal trainer, fitness professionals can seriously benefit from knowing first aid.

Fitness instructors spend their careers improving the physical fitness and conditions of their clients, which often involves pushing the body past its limits. While exercise is undoubtedly a necessary part of staying healthy, pushing your body and your heart comes with some inherent health risks like injuries or heart problems. While it remains a debate, many people believe that fitness instructors should know first aid if they truly want to protect the health of their clientele. It’s not an official requirement, but having more knowledge of first aid and how to perform life-saving maneuvers can help your clients and help further your career.

Increases Chances of Quality Employment

The world of fitness instruction is a highly competitive field, and gyms receive dozens of applications all the time. If you want to stand out from the crowd and secure employment at a quality gym, receiving first aid training can help. In this way, you can offer something that other instructors can’t and qualify for better jobs. Additionally, every gym is legally required to have at least one member of staff that’s certified in first aid. With this skill, you’ll become a more attractive candidate, and you may become a lynchpin of the gym you work at.

Builds Trust With Your Clients

When searching for a fitness instructor, clients may not initially look for first aid qualifications. However, when they see you’re certified in first aid, it will further solidify their sense of trust and confidence in you. This is especially pertinent if you’re a freelance trainer who’s working with clients one on one. The more confidence you build with your clients, the more likely they are to recommend you to others.

Offers Peace of Mind

One of the most important things you’ll learn in first aid training is confidence—performing life-saving maneuvers or stabilizing an injury can be nerve-racking. When you go through first aid training, you don’t just get the right knowledge—you get the skills to match. When you have the confidence to act fast with a clear mind, it gives you and your clients better peace of mind overall.

Helps You Meet Requirements

Some states and municipalities have different requirements and regulations for fitness instructors. You may be required to learn some basic training without having to learn CPR, while other areas may require you to know the full gambit. Taking the time to go through first aid training and become officially certified can help you cover your bases so you can work no matter where you’re located.

Ultimately, fitness instructors should learn first aid because it provides you with an extremely useful set of knowledge and skills. It’s less about doing what’s “required” and more about staying prepared and doing what’s necessary to safeguard the health of your clients to become a better overall fitness instructor.


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