Music Review : DRIVETIME presents a Jazz Christmas


This time of the year, things are getting as festive as ever. While roaming the streets of New York City, I can see the lights and trees from shops and road installations, and even the music blaring from cafes and shops is getting really, really festive.

Many artists are join in the celebration of one of the most joyful periods of the year, and DRIVETIME is no exception. This talented act set out to create a charming, direct and unique Christmas release, aptly titled “Christmas Is Here”.

The artist took the time to record 3 new songs to celebrate Christmas. The performances are extremely cheerful, with a nice production that highlights the upbeat rhythm and great musicianship behind this work.

The first track of the release, “Christmas Time Here”  is the song that gives the name to this project, and it really sets the mood right for the rest of the project. I love how the melodies interact seamlessly with the beat, providing a really textural wall-of-sound. The song is well-produced and masterfully arranged, showcasing a positive, care-free and upbeat attitude.


The second song in the playlist is a track titled “What Child Is This” . This particular song stands out as my favorite one in this particular collection. The melodies are performed with a particularly unique emotional overtone, and the instrumentals have an incredible dynamic range that feels sophisticated, yet very catchy and direct. I really love the way the instruments interact with the arrangement, and how the rhythm is able to capture a truly striking mood that connects deeply with what I think about the true spirit of Christmas. This song has a genuinely emotional vibe that feels perfect for this particular season. Last, but most certainly not least, DRIVETIME set out to treat the audience with yet another stunning track, the third and final song on this EP. The third single is titled “Blue Christmas” , and it is one of the most understated tracks in this short collection of songs. This track is powerful, direct and charismatic with a strong focus on lush sonic ambiance and crisp production values. The leading melodies are like a rollercoaster, truly driving the song’s intensity.

All in all, this release might feature only 3 tracks, but it really does a great job at portraying the true, positive spirit of Christmas. I love how DRIVETIME managed to remain true to the project’s own sonic aesthetics, while fulfilling the ideals of the perfect Christmas music vibes. After all, great jazz falls hand in hand with Christmas melodies, and I couldn’t think of a more perfect combination!

Find out more about DRIVETIME on their website and do not miss out on “Christmas Time is Here” if you are looking for some additional great Christmas music to add to your festive playlists!


Available Nov. 23rd, 2018



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