Big Chris: ‘Bad Timing’ – an unceasing sense of musical craft

After a successful release of his last single ‘F The World’ in Summer of 2016, UK based RnB artist and producer Big Chris releases his newest album ‘Bad Timing’ available via all major media providers. Recorded by Big Chris and John Robinson at Clique Studios, London and Miami Live, Miami. The album mix was finalized by Mixbytrip at Circle House Miami. Inspirations of The Dream, Mike Posner and R Kelly can be heard throughout. This album has some really original, unique, futuristic cuts on it, as would be expected. Big Chris is a more audacious artist than most in the R&B game right now, because he says what he wants when he wants to, and does not hesitate to employ steamy material where appropriate.

Big Chris is producing epic beats that have an amazingly clean and studio-quality sound that nobody else in the game is messing with nowadays. His lyrics are playful, sexy, yet smart, his songwriting arrangements are more complex and thoughtful than those of his peers, and his knack for putting different sounds and singing together is nearly unparalleled in today’s underground R&B.

Best of all, Big Chris’  beats have a deep, clean bass that add a new element of charm to any car audio or home theater system. Play this at the gym. Play this in your car. Play it while cleaning. Play it at the club. Play in the bedroom. It’s one of those albums….each track seamlessly runs into the next one and builds a story that kind of hits close to home for the emotional. This is the album that can get any R&B head hyped up!

If you’ve been charmed by Big Chris’  strengths in the past– his song concepts and an unceasing sense of musical craft– then you’ll be immensely satisfied with the music here. The record argues for Big Chris’ identity as an album artist whose stylistic vocals have created a self-sustaining world of distinctive R&B, and in a style that proudly wears its influences on its sleeve.

Big Chris isn’t the kind of artist that relies on the main hook in the chorus to carry the weight of the track; instead he seems to inject strong melodies into his songs. This quality is most apparent in tracks like “Bad Timing” where every verse is unique, and “Spontaneous” which has a couple stellar bridges.

Not to say that any of choruses are weak, because they could easily stand on their own. He just doesn’t exclusively rely on them. Big Chris’ dynamic, catchy approach to the genre makes for a fun and exciting album. His ability to make himself look like the good guy in a song about stealing another guy’s girl on “Shoosh” is impressive to say the least.

The production on “Bad Timing” is very impressive throughout; the beats on this thing are atmospheric and layered to the teeth. Big Chris writes most of his songs around pretty keyboard chords, but it’s the layering that gives the songs a big sound.

The beats never overwhelm the main focus: Big Chris’ vocals, they merely provide the atmosphere and the rhythm, and they do it quite well. Essential tracks include: “Get To Know Me”, “Shoosh”, “Deeper Than Luv” and “F The World”. The high quality production, the seamless transitions and Big Chris’ ability to litter his tracks with countless hooks and melodies make for a highly engaging and enjoyable listen.



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