From Performing with Lady Gaga, J-Lo, Usher, Chris Brown and Lana Del Rey to Leading Team3xt as CEO: Alexandria Kaye’s Journey as a Trailblazer in Dance and Empowerment

Celebrating Women's History Month with Alexandria Kaye

Alexandria Kaye, Chief Performance Officer for Team3XT, has been inspiring and empowering women through dance and fitness for years. With her background in yoga and fitness, her approach to dance and performance is rooted in being present and mindful, incorporating breath-work and meditation into her work with Team3XT. Kaye’s commitment to creating a safe and supportive environment for women has made her a leader in the dance industry.

Kaye’s career in dance has taken her to some of the biggest stages in the world, including her performance with Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl halftime show, which was a dream come true. Working with other high-profile artists such as Lana Del Rey has been a source of inspiration and creativity for Kaye, elevating her visions and ideas to new levels of meaning.


As a woman in a male-dominated industry, Kaye has faced her fair share of challenges, but her dedication to her craft and her determination to succeed have been unwavering. She has overcome these obstacles by continuing to train and work on her skills, and by surrounding herself with a supportive community of women.

Kaye’s mission with Team3XT is to promote women’s empowerment through dance and fitness, creating a community where women can thrive and break past their limitations. The transformation she sees in the women who complete even just one quarter of the Team3XT Performing Company is truly inspiring, as they gain confidence, community, and the courage to speak up in their personal and professional lives.

Alexandria Kaye and Ferly Prado Co-founder, Instructor

Balancing the demands of working with high-profile clients while managing her role as Chief Performance Officer for Team3XT can be challenging, but Kaye has learned to prioritize, stay organized, and be adaptable. She has also learned the importance of being prepared, positive, and fun to work with, which has served her well in her collaborations with high-profile artists.

In conclusion, Alexandria Kaye is a true trailblazer in the dance industry, using her passion and expertise to empower and inspire women everywhere. With her work at Team3XT, she is changing lives and promoting women’s empowerment through dance and fitness, making a positive impact in her local community and on a broader scale.



Alexandria Kaye

What motivated you to pursue a career in dance and how has it led to your current role as Chief Performance Officer for Team3xt?

Growing up, I was surrounded by music and dance through my family and parents. My mother was my first dance teacher at the age of 5 and my father was a professional piano player, both of whom inspired me to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. I have always been drawn to the challenge and dedication that comes with being a dancer, and I have a strong belief in the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of dance. I created Team3xt with my business partner Ferly Prado with the goal of making dance accessible to everyone, regardless of age, body type, or background.

As a woman in a male-dominated industry, what challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?

As a woman in the dance industry, I have faced challenges such as the pressure to maintain my appearance, as well as the risk of being fired or let go due to personal reasons. I have overcome these challenges by continuing to train and improve my craft, knowing that my talent and hard work would eventually be recognized by those who value it. I also maintain a professional demeanor, even when faced with difficult situations, such as an employer pursuing something outside of our work relationship.

How do you inspire and empower the women you work with at Team3xt and in your professional network?

I inspire and empower the women I work with by demonstrating fearlessness and a positive attitude. I believe in living by the quote, “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” I also believe in practicing self-care and encouraging the women in my network to do the same. Team3xt provides a supportive community for women to thrive, and I believe that the bond we have within our team is a major factor in our success.

How has your background in yoga and fitness influenced your approach to dance and performance, and how do you integrate these practices into your work with Team3xt?

Yoga and fitness have been integral to my well-being and have helped me stay grounded and focused. I believe that being present and focusing on my breath is crucial to a successful performance, and I encourage my team to do the same before each show. We start every performance with a circle and a moment of awareness, reminding everyone to be present in the moment and to use our performance as a way to serve others.

What do you consider to be the most important qualities for a leader, particularly in empowering and supporting women?

I believe that a leader must be able to separate their personal feelings from the bigger picture, practice humility, and be kind and supportive in their feedback. A leader should also create a safe space for open communication, where ideas and concerns can be shared without fear of criticism. I believe that these qualities are essential in creating a positive and inclusive environment for women to thrive.

How have you seen the dance industry change in terms of representation and opportunities for women, and what still needs to be done to create a more equitable and inclusive industry?

I have seen progress in the dance industry with the emergence of more female choreographers and recognition for diverse talent, but there is still much work to be done. Dancers and choreographers continue to fight for fair pay and credit, and there is still a lack of inclusivity in some areas, such as body type and background. I believe that artists and choreographers need to be at the forefront of these conversations in order to improve the industry for everyone.

What role do you see Team3xt playing in promoting women’s empowerment through dance and fitness?

Team3xt has a powerful impact on the lives of the women we work with. Our program helps build confidence, creates a strong sense of community, and encourages women to speak up in both their personal and professional lives. Dance is a proven tool for improving mental health, reducing stress and anxiety, and promoting overall well-being. Our goal at Team3xt is to continue to honor dance as an art form and to use it as a tool for joy and empowerment, both in our local community and on a broader scale.

Alexandria Kaye and Lady Gaga at The Superbowl

What was it like performing with Lady Gaga for the Super Bowl halftime show, and how did that experience impact your approach to dance and performance?

Performing with Lady Gaga for the Super Bowl was a dream come true and one of the highlights of my career. It was an incredible experience to perform on such a big stage, with over 100 million viewers and surrounded by my closest friends and colleagues.

The energy of the audience was electric, and it taught me the importance of always being prepared and staying in the moment during a performance. This experience reinforced my belief in the value of hard work and dedication, and I strive to instill these values in my students.

Alexandria Kaye and Lana Del Rey

You’ve had the opportunity to work with many talented artists throughout your career, including Lana Del Rey. What do you find most inspiring about collaborating with other creatives, and how does that impact your work with Team3xt?

Collaborating with other creatives is always a unique and inspiring experience. Working with others elevates your own ideas and helps bring new perspectives to your work. I find that working with a team or partner produces better outcomes, and I believe that this is true not only in the dance industry, but in all areas of life. My experiences working with talented artists have reinforced the importance of teamwork and collaboration, and I strive to instill these values in the women I work with at Team3xt.

How do you balance the demands of working with high-profile artists while also managing your role as Chief Performance Officer for Team3xt, and what lessons have you learned from your experiences working with such high-profile clients?

Balancing the demands of working with high-profile artists and managing Team3xt can be challenging, but it is a constant learning process. I prioritize my tasks and give myself realistic deadlines, and I have learned to not be too hard on myself if I don’t get everything done in a day. Working with high-profile clients has taught me the importance of being prepared, adaptable, and a positive presence on set. I believe that these qualities have helped me succeed in my career and I strive to instill them in the women I work with at Team3xt.

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