8 Best Websites to Promote Your Music

Are you an aspiring artists and music enthusiast who wants to get exposure in the music industry? Well, the internet has become so friendly with fresh and up and coming music artists by providing tons of platform and websites for sharing music for free.

If you want your original music get heard and promoted far and wide, yet still have no idea where to submit it then here’s a list of 10 music submission platforms you can share your music. Although it doesn’t guarantee instant success, which is always a cliché in any fields of life, you are sure that your music gets enough exposure from local listeners. At least, you’re gradually building a fan base for your genre.

Here are 8 best online websites to promote your music.

1. Music Blogs



Music blogs are worldwide so it’s easier to find music bloggers depending on your target market. If you feel like promoting your music within your country, you can easily identify which blogger the perfect match.

Sending your music to popular music blogs provide you the opportunity to promote your music far and wide. These music bloggers can post your original composition, review your music, and promote you as a composer or singer. With their big fan base, you are sure to get valuable credits and genuine new fans as well.

SpeakStick.net believes that every aspiring singer, band, and musician deserve a spot in the music industry for the world to see and hear. You can send now send your original music cover and they will promote it on their socials and feature you on their music blog. You can read full details of the submission process here.

2. YouTube



The power of Youtube is indispensable in your career. Artists like Justin Bieber and Karmin are once Youtuber turned popular singers. By just posting their original music videos on the platform, these guys were able to amassed millions of viewership and fans.

If you are dying to get your music out, build your Youtube channel, post attention-grabbing videos, and make it viral.

3. Last.fm



Make your music the next obsession at Last.fm. Last.fm is another platform open for music submission from new artists. Whenever you submit your entry, Last.fm will put you on the playlist with singers and bands with the common genre so it’s accessible for subscribers helping you acquire listeners in less time.

4. Reddit Music


Reddit Music

Heard about Reddit? This is a grass-root style community where most viral contents commence. If you are to pursue you music career, acquainting yourself with the music thread is vital. At Reddit, you get firsthand candid and sincere feedback from audiences. Just be authentic and you’ll make your career fine in Reddit.

5. MusicXray


Music Xray

MusicXray is an intuitive platform for musicians to submit their tunes. The platform collaborates with Industry pros to critique your music, which is a great help for startup musician to improve their music. Aside from getting published, a big chance is awaiting for your tunes to be utilized as the next favorite musical score on TV shows, movies, video games, and alike.

6. #Music (@TwitterMusic)


Twitter Music

Beyond the 140 characters required, Twitter has becoming user- friendlier and authentic. Tweet your new music link with hashtags like #music, #jazz, or any genre your music fits in. This makes easier for people to find your tunes when they search on a certain related hashtag. Moreover, take advantage of the added exposure from using hashtags #MusicMonday and #NewMusicFriday.

7. Dozmia



Daily commute is more fun with music. Why not include your tunes to the favorite music playlist of commuters? Spread your music not only on internet-based platforms but on mobile applications like Dozmia as well.

Although Dozmia is a new player in the music scene, taking advantage of its unsaturated music space shares benefits to startup musicians. The app recommends new music and artists to users with the same predilection, making your tunes accessible to anyone.

8. Earbits



Earbits is another strict yet mainstream music platform to promote your music. Not anyone can instantly join the community because they are after quality music and tunes.

While Earbits is indie and have only casual listeners compared to other platforms, you are still guaranteed with support from their audiences after building your identity.

You are also allowed to post banner ads directing people on your personal accounts like Facebook.

You can now post and submit your original music to the above-listed platforms. Although some well-known artists today simply got the shortcut to becoming an online overnight sensation, it also pays to wait and work for your gradual success. Keep creating music because somebody is always listening.

Success may not happen to you instant but keep pursuing. These 9 musicians succeeded in their career despite their disabilities, so who are you to give up easily? Read their inspiring stories here.

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