6 Tips for Finding a Reliable Orthodontist in Chico

Are you not satisfied with your smile or experiencing jaw pain and want to explore options to get straighter, more aligned teeth or do you have these same concerns for your child? If you want a professional and reliable strategy to straighten your teeth or align your jaw, you need to find an experienced orthodontist who can give you a thorough evaluation and recommend the best alignment method for your unique needs. However, there are quite a few orthodontists in the Chico area, so how do you ensure you find the right one?

Here are some 6 tips to help you select an orthodontist Chico who can help you with your smile.

Ask Your Dentist

Your dentist is the first place to start when you decide you want to explore options to straighten your teeth. If your dentist does not offer options like braces or Invisalign, he or she will make recommendations for an orthodontist Chico who can handle your care as they likely refer many other patients to orthodontists on a regular basis. Your dentist’s office may also be able to check if certain orthodontists take your insurance if you have this type of coverage.

Talk to People in Your Work, Family, and Social Circle

If you don’t get any good recommendations from your dentist, you can ask your friends, family, and co-workers who have gotten orthodontic work or who have used an orthodontist for their children’s care. They will be able to tell you who they use, if they would recommend them, and why or why not. Make sure you ask specific questions like how long it took to get an appointment, how their customer service is, and if they were satisfied with the end results.

Read Online Reviews

Online reviews like those on Facebook, Yelp, and Google are great places to learn more about an orthodontist Chico. Try to find an orthodontist who has a majority of five-star reviews and read as many reviews as you can to see what past or current patients think of their care.

Visit Their Websites

Another great source of information on orthodontists is their websites. You can look to see how much experience the orthodontist and his or her support team has, what their board certification is, and what type of treatment options they offer. You may also be able to find out information on the insurance they take, if they offer payments plans, and if they are taking on new patients.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are seriously considering an orthodontist, you should attempt to schedule a consultation so you can ask them more questions, tell them about your treatment goals, and see what types of treatment plans they have available. This is the perfect time to see if you are comfortable with them, if you like the atmosphere in the office, and if you get all your questions adequately answered.

Finding a Reliable Orthodontist Chico

When you’re ready to take the step in your smile journey, you need to find the right orthodontist to help you with your goals. By asking your dentist and those in your circle for recommendations, doing online research, and scheduling a consultation so you can learn more about the orthodontist, you can ensure you make a solid decision.

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