6 Promising Career Paths in Counseling

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Counselors are professionals in the human services field who provide clients with individualized recommendations for improving various aspects of their lives. These experts help community members manage their stress, take advantage of new opportunities, and grow their “soft skills.” This field may be appealing if you enjoy advising others and are passionate about helping those in need. A wide variety of options are available to you if you decide to pursue a career in counseling.

Counselors are in high demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that some careers in counseling will grow seven times as fast as the average growth rate for all occupations by 2026.

While career opportunities for counselors vary depending on the type of patient they are counseling, they all strive to improve their patient’s lives. Depending on their specialty, counselors can work in various settings, including schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and even workplaces. To advance your career as a professional counselor, you should review the degrees and determine which counseling path is most appropriate.

Here are some career options in counseling that may be of interest to you:

  1. Family Counselor

An individual who provides support and guidance to family members is referred to as a family counselor. Clients often seek therapy for relationship problems, behavioral disorders, and mental health issues. The role of family counselors is to set goals and provide wellness advice to couples and families to facilitate healing.

Their work involves evaluating how a family behaves and recommending effective strategies for improving family relations. A family therapist salary may vary according to experience or location, but the average national wage for these professionals is approximately $29 per hour.

  1. School Counselor

Your educational career likely included conversations with school counselors. A school counselor or guidance counselor typically meets with students to address obstacles or issues that negatively impact academic and social performance.

School counselors help students reach their full potential, whether they need help with college applications, schedule changes, or troubled students who need assistance. While school counselors primarily assist students with educational and career development, it is not uncommon for them to help them with personal or social challenges.

School counselors spend most of their day with students. Throughout an individual’s academic career, school counseling services are available at all levels, from elementary to high school. The average salary of a school counselor is up to $12.58 per hour.

  1. Career Counselor

A career counselor, also known as a job coach, provides career guidance to people of all ages, from students to professionals. Their goal is to help their clients navigate the job application process, interview process, career transitions, and work-related issues that may arise.

A career counselor can assist clients in reaching their professional goals by assessing their work experience, interests, and qualifications. Their knowledge of employment opportunities and average salaries across a wide variety of industries assists them in providing appropriate recommendations. On average, career counselors earn $24.00 per hour.

  1. Rehabilitation Counselor

The role of rehabilitation counselors is similar to that of other professional counselors, as they assist clients in improving their physical and emotional well-being. Rehabilitation counselors help people experiencing physical, mental, or social disabilities that may hinder their employment prospects or even their ability to be self-sufficient.

The rehabilitation counselor can determine the best route for therapy and care by evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the client. Their advice may include medical care, job assistance, and training to improve the patient’s well-being.

Some of the most common settings in which rehabilitation counselors work include healthcare facilities, mental health centers, and prison rehabilitation programs. The salary of rehabilitation counselors varies based on where they work, but the average national wage is up to $21 per hour.


  1. Youth Counselor

A youth counselor’s role is to provide young people with guidance and support. Unlike school counselors, these professionals usually work outside the school setting. During counseling sessions, they assess how children and teenagers feel and develop an effective treatment plan.

A youth counselor also works with families to establish effective support systems for the client outside the counselor’s office. Additionally, a youth counselor is responsible for providing academic and extracurricular guidance to teenagers and educating them about peer pressure.

  1. Grief Counselor

An individual’s grief may cause them to seek the assistance of a grief counselor if it becomes too difficult to handle on their own. Grief counselors assist patients who are grieving a very significant loss. Patients can openly express their sorrow in a safe environment and be assisted in moving on after experiencing grief. Additionally, grief counselors provide their patients with strategies for managing symptoms of distress, anxiety, and depression.

An experienced grief counselor can assist a patient in reaching a satisfactory resolution, thus positively affecting their well-being. The average hourly salary of a grief counselor is about $22.

  1. Mental Health Counselor

Those who pursue a career in mental healthcare are specifically trained to assess, treat, and treat psychological disorders.

Mental health counselors play an instrumental role in assisting individuals struggling with mental health problems. These professionals typically treat trauma, addictions, depression, and phobias. They can help improve a patient’s condition by developing strategies and coping methods through regular mental health counseling.

The primary focus of mental health counselors is to assist individuals experiencing difficulties with many different aspects of their mental health. A mental health counselor receives extensive training in mental illness, behavioral disorders, therapeutic intervention, and psychotherapy. The average pay for a mental health counselor is up to $34 per hour.

To Sum Up

There are many similarities among counseling careers, regardless of the specific job description. Even though counseling can be conducted individually, with a partner, or in a group, the basic concepts are the same. The role of the counselor is to assist clients in communicating, discussing emotions, examining issues such as marital difficulties and substance abuse, and developing insight into their own lives. Your compassion and desire to help others may make you an ideal candidate for a counseling career.


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