5 Telltale Signs of a Drug Problem

You can potentially save a life!

Drug addiction is no joke, nor is it a small, niche issue. More than 9 million Americans misused opioids just in the year 2021.

As a result, there are a shocking amount of people out there with a drug problem. They could be your coworkers, your friends, or even your family – whether they’re in drug rehab or not. That being the case, what are the telltale signs of drug dependence?

Fortunately, the tells aren’t hard to miss. Let’s take a look at five strong signs that someone may have a drug addiction.

  1. Bad Work Performance

Until someone gets themselves to a Phoenix inpatient rehab clinic, they’re fighting a losing battle. The effects of their addiction will bleed into their everyday life. The first area where this will be noticeable will be at their place of employment.

Those with a drug problem will likely show up late, get poor performance reviews, and demonstrate disinterest in their duties. They may appear tired or fidgety. Some will demonstrate hangover-like symptoms every day.

  1. Change in Physical Appearance

Drugs lead to a noticeable change in one’s appearance. Their skin may grow pale, they may have sores and needle scars, and they may have bloodshot eyes. Sometimes, it’s important to resort to unconventional remedies, like an IV solution for hangover relief; it can help alleviate their suffering and add nutrients to their depleted bodies

Other changes will be more in their dress and grooming. They may have dirty, wrinkled clothes. Their hair may be greasy and unkempt, and their nails may be grimy.

  1. Relationship Issues

A person with substance abuse issues will be a difficult person to have any relationship with. They may be combative, agitated, or argumentative with friends and their partners. They may be flaky, failing to adhere to their agreements and responsibilities.

Those who have such a friend will notice a drastic deterioration in the relationship as time goes by. Importantly, there will seem to be no clear reason why.

  1. Money Troubles

Drug dependence is detrimental to one’s finances since it’s usually quite expensive. Illegal drugs command a premium. Thus, a drug addict will likely have to turn to loans and other forms of debt to make ends meet.

There’s also a good chance that they may be financially indebted to romantic partners, family, and friends to pay for their drug addiction. A drug addict will commonly ask everyone they know to lend them money, then fail to ever pay it back.

  1. Apathy and Low Energy

Using strong drugs, especially scheduled ones, leads to drastic impacts on one’s physiology and behavior. This is especially true when it comes to things like opiates. These create a massive high for a short duration followed by a huge crash.

Other drugs, such as marijuana, can lead to a hazy stupor in one’s perception. Depressants like alcohol can likewise bring down one’s energy levels.

As a result, drug addicts often have characteristically low energy overall. They exhibit apathy, a lack of interest, and limited desire for their everyday life’s activities. This leads them to appear less ambitious and less enthusiastic as well.

Fight a Drug Problem

A drug problem is a serious thing, but luckily it can be relatively easy to diagnose. Those with drug issues struggle at work, have poor relationships, and finances in the crapper. They exhibit changes in their physical appearance as well as low energy levels.

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