What You Need to Start a Pet Fashion Business

Starting a pet clothing business can be a great way to turn your passion for pets into a profitable venture! Not only will you be able to create bespoke pieces of clothing for beloved pets, but you can also choose to create couture dresses, suits, and other fancy getups that your clients will love.


With the popularity of social media, many pet owners love to dress up their furry friends in cute and stylish outfits. If you’re considering starting a dog clothing business, here are some items you should consider purchasing online to get started:


Fabric and Materials

The first thing you’ll need to start your pet clothing business is the fabric and materials that these clothes will be made of. Consider purchasing a variety of fabrics, such as cotton, flannel, or fleece, to create different styles of clothing. Make sure these materials are comfortable and flexible for pets to move around in.


Additionally, you’ll need to purchase other materials, such as zippers, buttons, and thread, to create your designs.You may also want to purchase some hooks or velcro that will make it easier for pet owners to slip the clothes onto the pet.


Sewing Machine and Tools

To create your dog clothing designs, you’ll need a sewing machine and other tools. When purchasing a sewing machine, look for one that is suitable for sewing thicker fabrics, such as fleece or denim. Additionally, you’ll need to purchase tools such as scissors, pins, and measuring tape to create your designs.


There are also smaller sewing machines that can help with the hem of these clothes, as well as handheld sewing machines that can be used to stitch up the tiny designs. You can get these at inexpensive prices from online stores such as Temu.



Patterns are essential for creating consistent designs for your dog clothing business. You can purchase patterns online or create your own. Consider creating patterns for different sizes and breeds of cats, dogs, and other animals to cater to a wider audience.


You can often find patterns for free online via Pinterest, or buy patterns from other artists on Etsy. However, you can also choose to mix and match patterns, and experiment with different styles based on what your clientele wants. If you have an eye for couture, you can scale these down to pet sizes as well.


Labels and Packaging

To create a professional look for your dog clothing business, you’ll need labels and packaging. Purchase labels to attach to your clothing that display your brand name and logo. Additionally, consider purchasing packaging materials, such as clear plastic bags or boxes, to protect your clothing during shipping.


Shipping Supplies

To ship your dog clothing to customers, you’ll need shipping supplies. Purchase shipping materials, such as boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape, to protect your clothing during shipping. Additionally, consider purchasing postage labels online to save time and money at the post office.


E-commerce Platform

To sell your dog clothing online, you’ll need to set up an e-commerce platform. Consider using popular e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify or Etsy, to sell your products. These platforms offer built-in features such as payment processing, shipping options, and inventory management.


Website Design and Hosting

If you choose to sell your dog clothing through your own website, you’ll need to purchase website hosting and design services. Look for hosting services that offer reliable uptime and fast load times. Additionally, consider hiring a web designer to create a professional-looking website that showcases your products.


Business Insurance

While often overlooked, business insurance is an important investment for any business owner. Consider purchasing business insurance to protect your business from liability and other risks. Look for insurance policies that cover product liability, property damage, and other risks that may affect your business.


Business Licenses and Permits

Make your business legit! Before you start selling your dog clothing online, you’ll need to obtain any necessary licenses and permits. Research your local and state regulations to determine what licenses and permits you need to operate your business legally.


Starting a pet clothing business requires a variety of items to get started. These are all essential items you should consider purchasing online to get started. With the right tools and resources, you can turn your love of pets into a successful and profitable business! 


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