Watkins Music | Soulful Dance Music

Watkins Music is a brother and sister collaboration producing great vocalist and great musicians with unique variations and sounds of Soulful Dance Music.

In its essence, Feel Good Music narrates the stories of our spirits – where we’ve been, where we’re at, and where we’re going. From the warm nostalgia of those throwback sounds, to the captivating energy that makes us present in the moment, to the melodic vibe that can transport us to a far off place in the future – we all have music that resonates with us in a special way.

For Asa and Airreal Watkins, their lives have been dedicated to moving the world through art; and music has long been their canvas. Individually, they each have accomplished resumes in both performance and production; but the brother and sister tandem have now come together with the common vision of crafting a fusion of soulful dance music to move listeners in a special way.

Their new project was seeded with the powerful bond of family; it’s been nurtured by their shared love for music, and is organically growing through their appreciation of the talented people around them. This project will feature collaborative productions with an eclectic range of artists, highlighted by monthly releases of melodic tunes that will come together as a soundtrack to positive energy. It’s all about the experience, individually and collectively, when people’s spirits are rhythmically ignited.

Watkins Music emphasizes emotions, and the unique styles and influences that each collaborating artist brings to the Feel Good movement. With a vibrant catalog of singles scheduled for release each month in 2014, audiences can look forward to pressing play and getting lost in the experience that is Feel Good Music.

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