Top Tips: Can You Make Your Swimming Pool More Energy Efficient?

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More can be done with swimming pools, especially regarding their energy efficiency. As more US citizens take energy efficiency more seriously, it’s worth looking at swimming pools through a greener lens.

Even if you don’t have a swimming pool, this article should still be worth reading. The New York Times noted that swimming pools are no longer reserved for the wealthy, owing to the boom in concrete gunite pools that became more affordable to the masses. It’s not a pipe dream to get a pool of your own one day.

So, let’s dive in (pun intended)! Here are some ways you can make your current or eventual swimming pool more energy efficient.

Switch to LED Lighting

Swimming pools need lights as a safety precaution, but they can also boost the aesthetics of the space and give the area a delightful ambience. Still, lights consume energy, so it’s worth taking another look at them to see if they do so efficiently. It’s an advantage if you’re in Dallas because there are energy providers that offer cheap dallas electricity prices. Cheap energy means you’ll spend less money, leaving more money in your pocket for other expenses or savings.

Many homeowners install LED lights inside their homes to promote a more eco-friendly way of living. Fortunately, the same strategies are fully compatible with the swimming pool. LED lights can be fitted, and they’ll consume less electricity, last longer (they’re highly durable and can withstand temperature fluctuations (more on that later)), and don’t contain hazardous substances like mercury either. So, it’s a win-win-win situation!

You might be able to change a lightbulb at home, but swimming pool alterations require a specialist touch. Consider working with this highly-rated swimming pool contractor who can get the job done and potentially help you with numerous other energy efficient pool upgrades as well. They also have newer and more energy efficient parts that you can purchase from them directly, making them a convenient service to use.

Double-Down on Filtration

Filtration is no joke. If it ceases to function, your pool can become a stew of toxic waste, garbage, and chemicals.

That’s not all you need to consider, though. If the pool filtration system starts acting out, it can put significant strain the pump. Not only can further dysfunction follow, but more energy can be consumed as the filter will need to work harder to do its job.

So, the regular cleaning of pool filters is essential. Not even that will suffice sometimes, and an outright replacement will eventually be needed. Monitor these situations carefully.

Extrapolating Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is highly efficient, benefitting the environment and household spending. It can heat, cool, and power many things – including your swimming pool!

We’ve seen great examples of these efforts already in places like Cornwall, England, where the county has become famed for its geothermal advances. Moreover, they’ve now started using geothermal energy to improve the functionality of their swimming pools, and homeowners on our side of the pond can follow this example if they’re so inclined!

You could utilize a ground loop system, which encircles the pool with anti-freeze-filled underground pipes that dissipate heat into the earth. A heat exchanger can also transfer excess heat from the pool water into the ground, and circulation systems can ensure the smooth distribution of cooled or heater waters through the swimming pool. However, geothermal heat pumps use the earth’s crust temperature to cool or heat the swimming pool water.

Considering alternative heating options such as solar panels or pool heat pumps can significantly reduce energy consumption and operational costs. For more insights on pool heat pump costs and their efficiency, Outdoor Direct can provide detailed information and expert advice to help you make an informed decision.


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