Top 5 Auto Tech Trends For 2023

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Fueled by nerve-breaking competition, car makers strive to exceed the boundaries of their innovation. From electric to driverless cars, cutting-edge technology forms the core of the world’s new auto industry. Due to drastic changes in consumer needs, car designs have evolved. Here are the top five trends making a buzz in the car manufacturing landscape in 2023.


  • Built-in artificial intelligence

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Artificial intelligence constitutes the backbone of most autonomous cars. However, this technology is not the only tool driving auto trends in 2023. New cars are coming out with smart assistants built into their core. Companies like Mercedes and Chrysler have designed their voice-controlled smart assistants. This in-built artificial intelligence will allow you to control your garage door and music system without leaving your steering wheel. Advanced AI machines improve maintenance through predictive insights, limiting costly repairs and downtime, so feel free to consider this.


  • Big data and analytics


From the marketing perspective, big data transforms supply chains and drives sales. Automotive brands can determine annual sales and fine-tune production using predictive analyses and big data. Your car’s life cycle could be determined through insights from this resource. Fleet companies are increasingly using big data to improve their operations in 2023. In the fleet management ecosystem, vehicle tracking software allows managers to remotely follow drivers’ journeys from the comfort of their offices, so feel free to consider this.

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  • 3D Printing


3D printers allow automakers to mass-produce parts and test products, significantly reducing how long it takes to launch designs and identify issues. OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) can prototype, test, and deploy new concepts for production. 3D printers help smoothen operations in the supply chain by making sub-systems easily, so keep this in mind. 


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  • Electric cars gain momentum


The last couple of years have seen EV sales increase by more than 100%, and 2023 is set to record even crazier figures, thanks to a partial fuel crisis. Industry luminaries say more manufacturers will ramp up momentum in their electric vehicle production lines next year, which means prices could fall further in the next two years. Unlike fossil-dependent conventional cars, electrically powered cars require less maintenance and come with few moving parts. Fortunately, several brands are already taking the lead in this area. Whether you want to order a new AC drive or replacement input module for your electric car, you will find a variety of options in the Schneider products catalog. 


  • Internet of Things (IoT)

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This tech will allow cars to interconnect securely. IoT contributes to a much safer highway through traffic decongestion, noise reduction and reduced energy consumption. Automobile builders are creating smart sensors to gather data about vehicles, making it easier for cars to understand their surroundings. Enterprise Mobility apps pave the way for automated toll payments and fuel dispensation. In-car apps use IoT-gathered data to offer value-added services to car owners. You can use your car’s driving data to stay alert about dangerous road conditions in real time, so keep this in mind






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