Types of damage storms and hurricanes can cause to your home!

Climate change can trigger increasing incidences of coastal storms in New York. Caused by various meteorological conditions, storms often occur with destructive winds, flooding, corrosion, and heavy rainfall. New York faces high hurricane risk in mid-September due to sufficiently warm waters. Strong winds cause extensive structural damage to homes and buildings. Debris and fallen trees impact the premises. Even electrical lines get disrupted. It can be challenging to imagine the aftermath of an intense storm. However, preparation is everything. Learning about the damages caused by natural disasters is essential to mitigate the potential impact.


A strong roof can also suffer a fair amount of damage, even during tropical storms, which are usually less intense than hurricanes. Shingles can be ripped, and other structural damages may occur due to trees and flying debris. Do you live in Queen City, NY? You must be familiar with wind storms and rainstorms. Nevertheless, any damage to the roof can expose your home to other elements. People living in the house can enjoy protection when the roof is fixed. Otherwise, your personal belongings can also face more harm. Call the property damage experts for a remedy. Find insured and licensed restoration professionals who specialize in handling storm-related damages.

They can help you recover fair insurance claim amounts with their support and guidance. Insurers need proof to pay the amount. These professionals can provide all the necessary documents that present the condition of the structure and the reason behind its damage. Typically, it is easier to get compensation for the relatively new roofing that the storm has damaged. As such, various factors play a critical role in determining the eligibility for coverage for a damaged roof, such as roof age, previous damage record, and policy type. If your restoration company provides insurance adjustment and management services, it will reduce much of your financial stress related to renovation and repairs. Their expertise and support can make you feel reassured during this challenging time.


Due to roof, window, and door damages, flying debris and rains can penetrate your house and affect flooring, walls, and furnishings. Water can further create mold scare. Homeowners must minimize mold damage promptly. It begins with calling the experts and getting standing water extracted. The longer you wait, the more mold risks increase. Insurers use these events as an opportunity or excuse to deny compensation. So, call mold removal experts, who can document everything properly. They will also record if they remove drywalls or anything else to avoid mold growth. Awareness of these potential risks and damages makes you feel more cautious and prepared to handle them.

Storms can significantly impact equipment. ACs, computers, telephones, heaters, and other electronics can be damaged. Some assume that insurance companies will automatically cover these losses due to a hurricane. However, they need to know the extent of damage through valid proofs. Again, your contractor can be the best person to rely on in these situations. Visit zicklincontracting.com for a consultation.

A good, experienced contractor can solve many storm damage-related concerns and make your post-disaster journey easier. So, select the right restoration company from your city for assistance. Choose those who respond quickly.

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