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Today, we’re honored to feature Shannon Mack, a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. With over two decades of experience spanning radio, acting, and entrepreneurship, Shannon’s journey is one of resilience, determination, and unwavering passion. Join us as we dive into her inspiring story, filled with triumphs, challenges, and a commitment to empowering others.

Pump it up Magazine: Hi Shannon, we are thrilled to have you on Pump It Up Magazine! Can you give our readers a glimpse into your 18-year journey in the entertainment industry?

Shannon Mack: Absolutely thrilled to be here! My journey in the entertainment industry spans over 21 years, beginning with my time at Villanova University where I dabbled in college radio and TV. An internship at Philly’s Power 99 alongside the infamous Hot Boyz’ night show ignited my passion for radio. Just four days after graduation, I leaped into a full-time on-air afternoon jock role at Delaware’s Hip-Hop station Kiss 101.7.
Afterward, I ventured to Los Angeles to explore acting and modeling, which led to hosting gigs on various platforms like HipHopDX. In 2015, I also launched my own internet radio station, Smack Urban Radio, featuring four music channels, which averaged 15,000+ listeners monthly worldwide. In 2018, I birthed Pedis & Mimosas, Pretty Smack Cosmetics, and Pedicares.Org.
Additionally, throughout my journey, I’ve had the privilege of working on commercials for popular brands like Anna’s Linens, JustFab Shoes, and Hallmark just to name a few. My acting roles have graced screens on BET and WEtv, including shows like “Ghosts in the Hood” and “What Not to Wear” on the Style Network, hosted by Jeannie Mai.

Career Transition:

Pump it up Magazine: Your career spans radio, acting, and entrepreneurship. What prompted these transitions, and how have they shaped your professional path?
Shannon Mack: My career journey has been shaped by a childhood love for radio, sparked by my Jamaican mother’s strict rule against weekday TV watching. With radio as my outlet, I recorded my voice on cassette tapes and tuned in to icons like Wendy Williams. This passion led me to pursue radio in college, becoming a full-time afternoon jock at just 20 years old. Moving to LA introduced me to acting and entrepreneurship. Infused with the NYC hustler spirit, I felt like a superhero entrepreneur ready to conquer anything, and that’s exactly what I did upon arriving in LA in 2007.


Pump it up Magazine: You’ve ventured into entrepreneurship with projects like “Pedis & Mimosas.” What drives your entrepreneurial spirit, and how do you manage multiple ventures?
Shannon Mack: My entrepreneurial spirit is fueled by a passion for creating unique experiences and filling gaps in the market. With projects like “Pedis & Mimosas,” I aim to offer innovative concepts that resonate with people. Managing multiple ventures requires careful prioritization, delegation, and a strong team. I focus on setting clear goals, maintaining open communication, and leveraging resources effectively to ensure each venture receives the attention it needs to thrive.

Challenges Faced:

Pump it up Magazine: Facing financial struggles is a universal challenge. Can you share how overcoming hardships, like sleeping in your car for “Pedis & Mimosas,” has shaped your resilience and determination?
Shannon Mack:  Facing financial struggles, including sleeping in my car while pursuing “Pedis & Mimosas,” tested my resilience and determination.
In those challenging moments, I turned to prayer and stayed the course, trusting that this trial would ultimately become a triumph. I held onto the belief that everything was working in my favor, even when the situation seemed dire. These hardships shaped my resilience, fueling my determination to overcome obstacles and achieve success.


Pump it up Magazine: Resilience appears to be a cornerstone of your journey. What motivates you to persist through obstacles, and how do you maintain a positive mindset?
Shannon Mack: Resilience is indeed at the core of my journey, inspired by a profound motivation to alter the trajectory of my family’s future, including my younger relatives and godchildren. Growing up without the luxuries, I strive to break the cycle of financial struggles within our family. My ultimate goal is to provide my mother with the retirement she deserves, regardless of financial limitations. To maintain a positive mindset, I rely on practices such as journaling, prayer, and affirmations, anchoring myself in gratitude and unwavering belief that every obstacle is an opportunity for growth.

Upcoming Projects:

Pump it up Magazine: Can you share insights into any upcoming projects you’re excited about in the near future?
Shannon Mack:  I’m thrilled about several upcoming projects on the horizon! Firstly, I’m eager to share my nonprofit, Pedicares, with a wider audience and embark on initiatives that align with its mission. Additionally, I’m focused on expanding Pretty Smack Cosmetics, the lip line I launched in 2021, to reach even more beauty enthusiasts. On top of that, I’m gearing up to shoot season 4 of “Pedis & Mimosas,” with a theme centered around “Started From The Bottom.” This season will feature intimate conversations with celebrities about their journey rather than their success, offering valuable insights and inspiration to our audience.

Proudest Achievements:

Pump it up Magazine: Amid your various ventures, which achievement are you most proud of, and why?
Shannon Mack: Among my various ventures, the achievement I’m most proud of is providing housing and covering rent for a homeless woman for an entire year, as featured on season 3 of my show. This accomplishment holds deep significance for me because it was born out of my own experience with homelessness while struggling as an Uber driver, sleeping in the rental car for over 3 months. This act of compassion inspired me to start a movement, leading to the creation of Pedicares. It’s a reminder of the transformative power of empathy and the importance of using our own struggles to uplift others.

Inspiration for Others – Pumping Up Dreams:

Pump it up Magazine: In line with Pump It Up Magazine’s mission to “pump up dreams,” how do you inspire others to pursue their dreams, especially during challenging times? How do you contribute to pumping up dreams through your work and entrepreneurial endeavors?
Shannon Mack: I inspire others to pursue their dreams, especially during challenging times, by sharing my own journey of overcoming obstacles and achieving success. Through my work and entrepreneurial endeavors, I contribute to “pumping up dreams” by providing platforms for people to share their stories, offering mentorship and support, and creating opportunities for growth and empowerment. Whether it’s through Pedis & Mimosas, social media posts, or my nonprofit initiatives, I strive to uplift and inspire others to pursue their passions and realize their full potential, even in the face of adversity.





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