24 June 2019

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Subject to minor changes…
wwww.pumpitupmagazine.com becomes wwww.pumpitupmagazine.com

This site and magazine is gonna be fun… It will be international in scope, plus locally
« imperative » on the good issues and geared for the music and entertainment people who roll…

With PUMP IT UP Magazine, you will be able to book more gigs, reach a wider audience !

Ready to make a change? Ready for a new experience with a different magazine ?!
Take your career to the next level !

First Issue : MARCH 2016
1/2 Page 39.50€ + printed version 9.99€
1 Page 69.90€ + 9.99€
• Publication double Pages 110€ + printed version 9.99€ FIRST ISSUE March 2016
Mail: info@editions-la.com
You will then receive an invoice for payment secured by mail
All advertising must be approved by our management team


For all
*We offer both Front Slider Banner Ads for your company (Size 850*315) and Front Page “Featured Recording” AdWhere else can you advertise your new CD, download, stream or  music company business to a targeted market ?  Nowhere but under the www.pumpitupmagazine.com
      • SLIDER BANNER FRONT PAGE AD $39.99 for a week  //  $79.99 for a month
      • SQUARE ON FRONT PAGE ( ads below  the slider // Jpg size 200*200)$29.99 for a week// $99,99for a month
      • On phone app  $89.99 per month
      • Humanitarian Causes  Always FREE

Classified Ads on website page:4 .99$ – 25 words – 30 days

Classified Ads on digital and paper magazine page: 29.99$ – 25 words


**For Music Single, Album review, or Live concert, show  Review contact us: info@editions-la.com


The advertising publishing process:

1 – Send us your files by email

Your name, A link to your music video, your website, links to your social media sites, and the option you choose (see rates)
Mail: info@pumpitupmagazine.com
You will then receive an invoice for payment secured by mail

All advertising must be approved by Music Umbrella management team


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