Quiz: Understanding Anxiety and C-PTSD Symptoms


  1. How often do you experience persistent feelings of unease, worry, or fear that interfere with your daily life?

    a) Very often – anxiety is a regular part of my life.

    b) Occasionally, there are moments of heightened anxiety.

    c) Rarely, I generally feel calm and in control.

    d) Almost never, anxiety doesn’t significantly impact me.

  2. Have you been through a traumatic event that still affects you emotionally and mentally?

    a) Yes, the trauma continues to have a significant impact.

    b) Possibly, there have been experiences that left me deeply affected.

    c) Not really, I’ve managed to move on from past traumas.

    d) No, I haven’t experienced such events.

  3. How often do you have intense reactions to situations that remind you of the traumatic event?

    a) Very often – triggers often cause distressing reactions.

    b) Sometimes, there are instances that evoke strong responses.

    c) Rarely, I manage to handle triggers without extreme reactions.

    d) Almost never, triggers don’t usually affect me.

  4. Have you noticed avoidance behaviors or patterns in response to reminders of the trauma?

    a) Yes, I often go to great lengths to avoid anything related to the trauma.

    b) Occasionally, I try to avoid triggers when possible.

    c) Not really, I don’t actively avoid reminders.

    d) No, avoidance behaviors are not a part of my coping.

  5. How has anxiety or traumatic experiences affected your relationships and social interactions?

    a) My anxiety or trauma significantly impacts my relationships.

    b) There have been challenges, but I work on managing them.

    c) It hasn’t had a major impact on my social connections.

    d) My relationships remain relatively unaffected.

Quiz Results: Reflect on Your Experience

  • If you got mostly A: Your experience suggests potential signs of anxiety and complex PTSD (C-PTSD). Seeking professional support can be beneficial.
  • If you got mostly B: While not diagnostic, there are signs that warrant reflection and self-care in managing your well-being.
  • If you got mostly C: You exhibit healthy coping mechanisms and resilience, indicating effective management of anxiety and trauma.
  • If you got mostly D: Your experiences suggest a relatively healthy approach to anxiety and trauma, with minimal disruption.

Please remember that this quiz is not a substitute for professional diagnosis. It’s intended for self-reflection purposes.  If you suspect you’re struggling with anxiety or C-PTSD, consider seeking help from a mental health professional.

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