Nu-disco summertime club banger !

Henry D & Alexander Orue: “Fall In Love” ft. Dayson will melt your high-tech sneakers!

Henry D & Alexander Orue drop their debut, nu-disco summertime club banger, “Fall In Love”, featuring the vocals of Dayson. The album breaks no new ground but instead smugly polishes a well-trod dance floor. No doubt Henry D & Alexander Orue are great at producing and writing songs. In fact, this track is the apotheosis of dance-floor bliss.

It’s flawlessly produced, features a charming vocal bridge and equates fledgling romance with some kind of divine union. But that chorus is locked-in and blissed-out; a minor miracle for the ear, which together with the big, deep and thumping basslines will melt your high-tech sneakers to the floor.

Henry D

Henry D

The infusion of fresh blood is crucial in an ever evolving, hyper-confident, always-positive, totally unrealistic EDM universe. It’s not that the genre has run out of ideas, but now with “Fall In Love”, it’s got more of the world singing along, so EDM’s brand of fun suddenly means a little bit more, thanks to Henry D & Alexander Orue.These two may be the hottest dudes in the room right now, as their final product is charming and catchy.

Here, nudisco never stops having an immediate impact on the hits of today; love lessons are analyzed and digested in the form of, “Ain’t nobody want to fall in love?” to “Baby I just want to fall in love!” With this type of beat in the background even society’s nerdiest single boys can display dance moves capable of landing league-shattering women.

In fact, Henry D & Alexander Orue greatest gift here is their ability to sell a healthier, happier, altogether-better version of the dance-floor groove.

The opening chords of the track intro instantly display Henry D & Alexander Orue talent for infectiously catchy melodies and incredible production quality. Of course, production quality and piano break downs, means jack shit in EDM if the tracks fail to bring dance-floor groove to the table.

And this duo does a pretty damn good job of pleasing die-hard dance fans, whilst tweaking the established four-to-the-floor electro formula. Both the stomping, laser filled basslines, and the melodically tinged verses of “Fall In Love” will help fans feel right at home, as though they’ve been listening to Henry D & Alexander Orue all their lives. Hardly bad for a debut!


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